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UPDATE: 12 Arrested in Operation Little Lamb

OPERATION LITTLE LAMB (follow up to Operation Waterfall)

With the help of the Anti-Human Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) in Thailand, Operation Waterfall led to the rescue of two survivors and the arrest of two traffickers. O.U.R. Operators assisted ATPD with identifying the victims and traffickers. 

After interviewing the survivors, the information provided led to the identification of an additional survivor involved, as well as seven additional adult offenders who were allegedly engaged in human trafficking related activities.

This new information led to Operation Little Lamb. ⁠

operation little lamb update Thailand operation Underground Railroad

Recent UPDATE: During Operation Little Lamb, ATPD deployed to multiple locations to conduct arrests of 12 targets. O.U.R. Operators assisted with filming on the operation for evidence purposes.

This included the arrest of seven targets who were charged with human trafficking related offenses and the arrest of five clients who were charged with offenses related to sexual assault of a minor.

Following this large-scale arrest operation, a press conference was held to inform the public about the arrests. 

O.U.R. Country Director "Art" attended the press conference to represent O.U.R. 

Thank you to the ATPD in Thailand for their great work on this operation.

We’re thankful these offenders are no longer on the streets. O.U.R.’s Aftercare Team is working with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHD) to ensure the survivors receive holistic services. 

2021-12-21 23:43:48
I would like to volunteer my holistic knowledge as well energy emotional healing methods for the children. My children myself and hubby have all been abused in different ways and my methods helped us all as well several clients I have serviced in the past year. We (my family) also love learning American sign language and can be of service in that way. My husband and I have 6 children. We volunteered at the st Louis walk in 2020. Blessed be
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