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Aftercare, Allies
United Justice and Operation Underground Railroad come together to bring relief to the human trafficking and exploitation crisis in Venezuela 
Aftercare, Allies


Due to the economic downfall occurring in Venezuela, many young women and children are facing increased risk of human trafficking and exploitation. United Justice and Operation Underground Railroad have partnered up to help bring relief to those communities and provide ongoing care to survivors in need. 

United Justice

United Justice is a survivor-led organization that is centered around meeting the immediate, as well as future needs of survivors. The organization provides education, basic needs, and legal representation to survivors on their healing journey.

Currently, they are launching an initiative in Latin America by working directly with communities in Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela that are in the midst of an economic crisis, increasing their vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation.

A Survivor-Led Organization

After providing anti-trafficking work in various countries around the world, United Justice’s Founder, a survivor herself, began researching the crisis unfolding in Venezuela. Together with the co-founder, the two traveled to the border of Colombia and Venezuela to see the issue first hand and to figure out how to build resources for the myriad of Venezuelan victims of sexual exploitation. 

It became clear, after the first two trips to the border, that no other organizations were doing anti-trafficking work. So the team at United Justice launched their first program on the border and within Venezuela. Along with the crisis in Venezuela, there was also a massive shortage of NGOs able to resource potential victims and the people most vulnerable to sex traffickers, so United Justice stepped in to help.

United Justice has already seen the impact that their work is having on the communities in Venezuela. The communities are transforming through their education program, where they created five different centers in the poorest neighborhoods in Caracas, Venezuela, to provide education for children in need. Many of these children have been sold and exploited in exchange for food. With the help of United Justice, they are now thriving in the classroom and learning math, language, and science. 

O.U.R. and United Justice

Both O.U.R. and United Justice are working together to help support survivors in Venezuela. Many of the survivors there have fled due to violence, were trafficked out of Venezuela, or were rescued to a different country. Of the survivors still in Venezuela, United Justice offers support to those survivors and their families who are still in the area. Operation Underground Railroad also helps financially support projects that United Justice puts into place when serving vulnerable and exploited Venezuelan populations. 

It's with our combined efforts as organizations, that lasting change is being made in the lives of the survivors in Venezuela. It is the hope to eradicate this darkness from all corners of the world, and Venezuela is only just the beginning. Learn more about United Justice's work on their website here

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