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The Trafficking in Persons Program at AAU {UTAH}
Aftercare, Allies

The Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Program at the Asian Association of Utah is a federally funded provider of trafficking-specific victim services. The TIP program exists to protect and restore human worth by confronting exploitation. Through victim services, education and outreach, and strategic partnerships, it is Utah’s catalyst to create a state where all forms of human trafficking are intolerable. Located in Salt Lake City, with statewide reach, the TIP program serves Utah’s survivors of human trafficking of all ages, genders, trafficking types, and immigration statuses. 

“When the opportunity to become involved in anti-human trafficking work arose, I jumped at the chance to get involved. As I work to create programming to support survivors’ journeys toward healing, I am continuously inspired by their strength and resilience. I feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of their journey and am confident as we work together collaboratively, that we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against human trafficking.”

- Andrea Sherman, Director of Trafficking in Persons at AAU


The TIP Program is committed to meeting the survivor of trafficking where they are in their journey. All services are trauma-informed, driven by the survivor’s own preference and expertise on their life and recovery, and motivated by restoring agency to the individual. This trauma-informed approach combined with an extensive array of wraparound services delivered through in-house programming and a network of collaborating partners statewide, ensure that survivors are receiving the services that meet their unique needs and circumstances in their preferred geographic area. 

Even through the instability of 2020, the TIP Program remained a source of stability and support for survivors of human trafficking across Utah. Some of their 2020 success include providing trauma-informed victim services to 144 primary survivors of trafficking and 50 secondary survivors, providing a pathway to safe, affordable housing for 70 survivors, training over 4187 community members in human trafficking awareness, providing walk-in support services to individuals at high risk of human trafficking through our weekly Drop-In Center, and much more. 


The TIP Program has a long history of collaboration with O.U.R. This includes volunteer and donation support, referral pathways, case coordination for shared clients, and assistance renovating AAU’s Drop-In Center. We are incredibly grateful for the impact that the TIP Program has as they continuously serve survivors in Utah. 

This month, leading up to World Day Against Trafficking on July 30th, O.U.R. is excited to spotlight various organizations who make an impact in the lives of survivors. Thank you to the TIP Program for choosing to #RISEUP with us this year!

To learn more, please visit AAU’s website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.


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