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As a newlywed, Jennifer was trafficked far from her home in West Africa to the Mediterranean. We can only imagine the heartache she felt as she was exploited for months, missing her husband, and discovering she was pregnant with their child.

After suffering much, Jennifer decided to run away to escape the horror that her traffickers put her through every day. But that was not the end of her agonizing trial. She was sent to jail, and her baby sent to an orphanage, due to a lack of documentation to prove where she was from, and who the father of the baby was. Now, after escaping, she had to worry about what may be happening to her baby as she sat in jail. There were many unjust laws working against Jennifer. 

O.U.R. worked alongside other partners to help her through this complicated process gathering the necessary documentation to prove her innocence and help her return home. We are thrilled to say, Jennifer and her child were finally allowed to return home. 

Jennifer recently reached out to O.U.R., letting us know she might soon be evicted from her home. Her landlord had physically hit her when her rent was late, and she was terrified to face him again. Even more terrifying, was the fear of being on the streets with her precious child. We are thankful she knew she could contact O.U.R. Aftercare for support. We were able to help Jennifer and her baby, and she is now still safe in her apartment. Our team continues to follow up with her to ensure her safety. 

Jennifer has a dream to design clothes and learn how to sew. Besides helping with her rent, we were able to get her started in some business classes, to help her meet her goals. We look forward to watching her flourish!

One of the many goals of O.U.R. is to make sure survivors are never exploited again, and receive the care necessary to go back into life safely, and securely. Rescuing is not the end of the mission. When a survivor has a need, we want to do all we can to be there, helping, and lending support however we can. 

Survivor care is just the beginning…the real heroes are the actual survivors. It is their strength and courage that leads them into a life of freedom, and a testimony to encourage others.

"Mother Mary" has helped hundreds of women who were trafficked and exploited - O.U.R. Stories
2020-10-02 15:47:33
[…] This team pictured above has supported hundreds of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. They helped “Jennifer” through the difficult time of being wrongfully imprisoned and separated from her baby. You can read more about her story here. […]
2020-10-18 21:29:47
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2020-11-27 00:39:15
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