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Survivor Stories

“I’m finally free. He can never hurt me again.” What a beautiful, yet heart wrenching  quote from a very brave 11-year-old girl, who was trafficked by her own father. 

Chloe first experienced freedom when she was rescued and brought to a partnering O.U.R. aftercare home. Prior to her rescue, her trafficker abused her, sold her to be raped, and forced her to beg on the streets for money. If she did not bring him the amount of money he wanted, he would beat her. This was Chloe’s life as a little girl.⁠

The night after her rescue

Thankfully, after entering the aftercare home as a terrified, quiet 9 year old, she quickly learned she could trust the new people in her life. Her first evening in aftercare, an aftercare team member ordered pizza for the children there. It just so happened that little Chloe’s favorite food is pizza. She saw the pizza as a sign that she would be well taken care of, and safe in the aftercare home. What a wonderful reminder of the tender hearts of all children. 

a day in court

Just over a year later, her trafficker was facing charges, and Chloe bravely testified. She did so with amazing courage, strength, and dignity, answering the questions from the judge, calmly and accurately…at 11 years old. 

It is hard to imagine the fear she must have felt, or the horrible memories that must have come rushing back, as she had to face her trafficker at the court hearing. But she did it. Thanks to Chloe’s testimony, her trafficker was found guilty, and sentenced. Even the judge was horrified, as he stated to the trafficker, “You are one of the most evil people that has ever come into my courtroom.” 

“im finally free”

Chloe’s trafficker can no longer hurt her. Stories like Chloe’s serve as a reminder that if we keep fighting, we can continue to rescue children from human trafficking. 

Every donation of money, time, and resources makes a difference. The battle cannot be fought if we don’t all fight together. You can have a direct impact on a precious, brave child like Chloe, when you give to the cause of ending human trafficking. 

“I’m finally free. He can never hurt me again,” spoken by an 11 year old child, are words we want to hear ringing from every corner of the world, as people are set free from the horrors of human trafficking. 

2020-09-07 17:30:20
This is amazing! Chloe sounds like a brave and beautiful soul. Praying for her continued healing and happiness.
Matt Nash
2020-09-07 17:34:12
Thank God this had such a happy ending my heart goes out to this child. I wish even half the money and attention they've put towards the virus was better spent on real tragedies like this. Keep up the great work and God bless and guide you for what you do
Lane Ross
2020-09-08 18:59:35
I'm wondering Who actually Does rescue And Why is Not more done in The USA We have teenage girls just disappear every summer Then no word of them No finding them There's a underground Sex trafficking ring Right here in Westfield and greater Springfiels Area in Massachusetts No one will help me stop it Or even believe me of its happening s No Hotline to report these things Seems very much to be a taboo to even speak of these terrible acts happening in Our beautiful valley It must be stopped STOP THE VIOLENCE SAVE THE VICTIMS CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN
2021-01-03 02:48:50
Domestic violence is not expected and we should arrange different programs and seminars against domestic violence. The way of thinking towards domestic improvement. Thanks for sharing this post.
Desa Connolly
2021-02-13 16:10:19
Such wonderful work being done, thank you to all involved. It's so good to see that their nightmare is over. There are operations in place all the time and theyare covert, so we don't know about them until the children are safe. Keep up the good work and would be honoured to help if I can from Australia.
Fauna Smith
2021-02-23 17:36:08
I keep hearing the term “candy crush saga” in reference to Fighting child trafficking. Could someone explain this to me?
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