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Crystal’s dream was to provide for her family. She found an employment agency that said they would provide a good job for her in the Mediterranean, so she tearfully decided to leave her family in Africa for a time to make some money. She did not know that the employment agency she was working with was actually a network of traffickers waiting to exploit her upon her arrival to the Mediterranean. 

Crystal never gave up hope during her many months of being exploited. 

Once she was found, O.U.R. helped liberate her from her traffickers and return home to her family in Africa. Upon her return, she worked hard to heal from her trauma and become a flourishing entrepreneur.


Due to the recent health crisis, Crystal’s small business had to be put on hold. As the economy worsened and people tried to take advantage of the scarcity of food, food prices tripled in her area. Her worry increased when she ran out of food and couldn’t afford to pay triple the normal price. Crystal reached out to O.U.R. Aftercare Director Jessica Mass for help; they had formed a strong relationship during the process of her rescue and return home. “Is there any way you could help with just a few dollars for food?” 

Thanks to our generous donors, O.U.R. was able to provide Crystal and her family some money for food. Crystal was so excited, her mind started racing with all of the people she could feed with this money. 

“How could I not love my neighbors in this time of great need?” 

After Crystal set aside part of the money to make sure she could feed her family in the upcoming weeks, she still had a lot left over. Instead of going to buy her favorite snacks or saving the money for herself, she wanted to make sure her whole family and village was fed. She planned on making a hot meal for everyone that night and invited everyone in her village over! Crystal said, “How could I not love my neighbors in this time of great need?” 

She was very intentional about where she bought the food. She sought out small businesses with fair prices to make her money go farther and also support those businesses in need during the pandemic. She knew what it was like to be a small business trying to stay afloat and wanted to support her fellow entrepreneurs. 

Crystal was once trapped in the Mediterranean as a victim of human trafficking, feeling like there was no hope for her. Instead of letting her difficult past consume her, she is now using her freedom to give her village life, because she feels like she was given life and freedom after being rescued. 

This woman was able to feed her family for a few weeks and give her whole village a hot meal, because of donors like YOU. 

It starts with YOU! 

Join the Fight on Tuesday, May 5th

Help us continue to make an impact and meet urgent needs for survivors around the world by participating in #GivingTuesdayNow tomorrow, May 5th. Check back on O.U.R.’s social media channels for more information!

(Crystal’s name was changed for her protection.)

Myriam Reyes
2020-08-08 12:51:00
How could I help I don’t have much but every little can help. I have adopted two kids 12 years ago from Forster care I have room for more, and will make room. They are 16 and 14 now so they would help me. Please reach out to me thank you God bless you always
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