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Street Outreach Roundup

Street Outreach Roundup Update: Here are some ways O.U.R. is helping out around the world! 

Kenya: Aftercare and development staff supported street outreach with Because All Children Matter (BACM) by serving food and humanitarian aid to 50 children, women, and men who are at high risk of being exploited and sexually abused. The team was accompanied by Kenyan authorities, whose goal was to identify those who are being trafficked or exploited. Onsite medical support was provided by a nurse for a boy that was bleeding and badly beaten. 

Thailand: In March, O.U.R. aftercare participated in a multi-agency street outreach aimed at reaching vulnerable children who are at risk of trafficking. O.U.R. sponsored food, school supplies, and other necessities, to provide for these children and families.

Nepal: Spanning from January to February, O.U.R. supported a survivor-led NGO in donating food and hygiene items to over 65 women and girls who are survivors of human trafficking. 

During outreach, O.U.R.’s partners were introduced to “Natalie”, who was in her 20’s. As a child, she was forced into marriage with an older man who was an alcoholic and extremely abusive, and ended up abandoning her and her children. During the pandemic, Natalie lost her job and her previous employer forced her into sex work. Aftercare partners were able to immediately provide her children with food and aftercare resources.

Florida, USA: O.U.R. continues to support Empowered To Change (ETC), a drop-in and triage center for sexual assault and human trafficking. ETC staff and law enforcement regularly walk the streets looking for the lost and hurting. O.U.R. was able to join them during the Super Bowl to supply them with street outreach items, answer phone messages, respond to those in need, and reach out to those who were being exploited. Local and national nonprofits, aftercare, and law enforcement continue to work in unity to provide healing resources and aftercare to survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the streets of Florida.

We are so grateful for the continual street outreach programs that O.U.R. is able to be a part of, offering healing and support to those in need.


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