O.U.R Stories
Stepping Up

By Caleb Larkin

From the moment Meagan Kemp heard about Operation Underground Railroad, she felt compelled to offer some kind of assistance.

“Of course you hear about something like this and you just want to be part of it, any little way that you can,” Kemp said. She works with her husband Dr. Jason Kemp, a chiropractor, at Chiro Fusion in South Jordan, Utah. Together they made the decision to support the cause to fight child sex slavery.

“I had heard about O.U.R. a few months before we went to see The Abolitionists movie,” Jason Kemp said. “That’s what made the difference, seeing what the jump team members do. At that point we wanted to get involved.”

Dr. Kemp explained, as a new office, they didn’t have the means to offer huge donations, but instead offered what they did best: chiropractic services. Chiro Fusion Sports and Spine offers jump team members at O.U.R. their services free of charge. With a focus on athletes ranging from marathon runners to ballet dancers to MMA fighters, Chiro Fusion uses a unique “soft tissue” technique to accelerate recovery from injury for the O.U.R. team members. The process helps them heal quickly and prepare for the next operation.

Chiro Fusion sports medical physician, Dr. Chad Adams, feels that their donations are simply the least they could do. “If we can take care of them before or after a mission so they are at their physical best, that can be the difference to save their own life or someone else’s,” Adams said.

Adams talked about the process of getting involved as feeling shocked that such horrible things were happening, guilty he didn’t know about it before, in awe of what they accomplish and finally, motivated to help. “Ultimately, if the cause moves forward, that’s all I care about,” Adams said.

They all agreed the O.U.R. operatives bring a special perspective into their lives. “Any time you talk to Tim Ballard [O.U.R.’s founder] you can see he has a passion and a sincerity for their operation,” Adams said.

“All of them are inspiring, even the smallest experience of meeting them is life changing,” Meagan said. She explained that Chiro Fusion has a strong desire to do anything they can to help these incredible men. They spread the word, letting others know of O.U.R.’s vital purpose, at every opportunity. Currently Meagan plans to use their MMA fighter clientele to setup a “Black Tie Gala Fight Night” to raise funds for O.U.R. in September. Every donation they receive goes straight to helping O.U.R.’s missions.

O.U.R. jump team member Matt Cooper, uses Chiro Fusion’s services on an ongoing basis. “For the longest time I suffered from extreme migraines,” Cooper said. “I met with the doctor there and after 40 minutes of him digging into my neck with his technique my headaches have been reduced 95 percent.” They pretty much handle whatever injury I show up with,” Cooper said.

O.U.R.’s Director of Creative and Corporate Partnerships Doug Osmond is amazed at how Chiro Fusion has been able to find ways to help. “They really know what they’re doing,” Osmond, who used their service on a shoulder injury, said about their chiropractic service. Yet he also admires their efforts to get involved in diverse ways, such as raising awareness, donating services and time, and asking for donations to the cause.

Meagan feels O.U.R’s mission is vital. “It’s all of our obligation as parents, adults and members of this earth, to do all we can to keep these kids safe,” she said.

At the end of the day the jump team members are the ones who get the job done, but contributing in some small and simple way can lead to great changes. “We know we’re a very small part of what they do. But when Tim comes here and complains about having elbow problems, we know we can help him prepare and feel at his best for the next mission,” Adams said.

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Absolutely incredbile! Thanks for your contributions!
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