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Slave Stealer Podcast 22: Pedro

glenn beck narrates

In this episode of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Pedro,” Glenn Beck narrates a story about a young survivor of trafficking.

Tim Ballard met this young boy, Pedro, on his first anti-trafficking case in the government. When they rescued Pedro, he immediately turned to Ballard and said, “I don’t belong here.” Even among the confusion of being rescued, this little boy seemed to know that he was safe in Ballard’s arms.

While holding this little boy, Ballard noticed some dog tags that Pedro was wearing. These were given to Pedro by his older sister when they were first kidnapped. The tags said something special on the back – something that helped Ballard decide to stay in the fight against trafficking, even though it was such a difficult issue to face.

Join us in listening to episode 22 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Pedro,” narrated by show host Glenn Beck.

*Editor’s Note – This episode was recorded earlier this year. At the end of the episode, Glenn Beck mentions how many survivors have been rescued and traffickers arrested by O.U.R. The numbers today can be found on our website ourrescue.org*

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Did you miss the previous episode of the Slave Stealer? If so, come listen to Glenn Beck narrate the story of how O.U.R. went into an unmarked village to find a missing boy.

glenn beck narrates

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