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Slave Stealer Podcast 18: Recovery and Hope with Jessica Mass
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On this episode of the Slave Stealer Podcast, we get to hear from O.U.R.’s Aftercare Director Jessica Mass. She and Mark Mabry discuss the recovery and hope that aftercare programs can provide. Mass emphasizes the small victories that you get to celebrate throughout aftercare.

Jessica gives us new perspective about children born, trafficked, rescued, and rehabilitated in America.

Warning: Her first story, while not explicit, is kind of a kick in the stomach. It involves a little girl who was trafficked since she was six months old. Jessica took her into foster care as a 6-year-old. She discusses some challenges and blessings of her rehabilitation. It’s tough to hear, but also rewarding to know that she is on the path to a new life.

Amazingly, Jessica has fostered over 20 children in her short life. She says she learned at a young age how to effectively spend her time and energy. At the age of 13, she went out and got herself a job at Burger King so that she could go to her dream private school. After going on a church trip to Brooklyn, NY, that same year she decided that she wanted to dedicate herself to helping people for the rest of her life. This launched her down the path that got her to where she is today.

Now she travels the globe interviewing care providers and finding suitable and loving rehabilitation for the survivors that are rescued by Operation Underground Railroad and other great organizations.

Join us in listening to Episode 18 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Recovery and Hope with Jessica Mass.”

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