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Slave Stealer Podcast 11: Meet Gardy
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Meet Gardy

In Episode 11 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, Tim gives the emotional back story of Gardy, the currently missing son of a friend, in Haiti. He talks about recent efforts to rescue him and a little about how Gardy helped start Operation Underground Railroad.

Tim Ballard was still working for the government when he first came across Gardy’s case. Gardy was a U.S. citizen living in Haiti and he had gone missing right around the time of an earthquake. Dozens of children were missing. Meaning, not very many people were searching for Gardy. Tim opened a case from the government and invited Guesno, Gardy’s father, out to Utah to come discuss the case. He quickly learned that Gueso is a man of strong hope. Tim explains,

“Guesno said, ‘I just walk the streets hoping to hear Gardy’s cry.’ And I said, ‘How do you pick the area?’ He said, ‘I just pray and I just pick an area.’ The scarier the area, the better.”

Tim ended up leaving his government position to start Operation Underground Railroad so that he would have the ability to go to Haiti as a private organization to work with the law enforcement there. Although Gardy has not been found yet, he has a team of hundreds of people hoping and praying for his rescue everyday.

Join us in listening to Episode 11 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Meet Gardy.”

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Learn more about how O.U.R. started with Tim Ballard in the first episode of the Slave Stealer, “Meet Timothy Ballard Part 1.” Click here.

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