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Slave Stealer Podcast 6: Amnesty International, C’mon Now
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In Episode 6 of the Slave Stealer, Tim takes on a recent initiative of Amnesty International to “legalize” prostitution. His issue with their policy lies in the difference between “legalization” and “decriminalization.” He argues that what they are proposing would endanger more children and ultimately undermine the efforts of many people to save kids from sex trafficking.

If prostitution was to be legalized, it would allow those who want to be in the business stay in more easily. However, you have to weigh that against what else would happen. If there is a legal brothel on main street, you have to remember that there would also be a trailer full 12-year-olds down the street.

Tim has seen it first hand. These traffickers make more money off of selling minors. They keep the minors hidden as their “secret menu.” Sex offenders will find and buy these “hidden” children, and legalizing prostitution would just make it easier for them to cover it up.

Tim explains that there may be parts that make sense in Amnesty International’s plan. However, there is no way that the police force has enough resources to make sure that the legal brothels don’t have any illegal minors. The problem is already big enough as it is.

Join us in listening to Episode 6 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Amnesty International, C’mon Now.”

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