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Restoration Skin Solutions Offers Survivors the Opportunity to Remove Unwanted Ink 
Aftercare, Allies

Restoration Skin Solutions

Restoration Skin Solutions' mission is to provide an affordable and easy way for people around the world to remove unwanted ink from their bodies. In particular, they provide their services to former gang members, survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and ex-convicts. 

Working in the realm of anti-human trafficking

Restoration Skin Solutions (RSS) has an intention of helping individuals who have been tattooed against their will. They recognize that many individuals in these circumstances have been marked with tattoos as a symbol of ownership. The ink can serve as a visual reminder of a survivor’s trauma long after they’ve been rescued. It is RSS’s goal to help remove unwanted tattoos to aid individuals in their healing process.

Collaborating with O.U.R. 

RSS has hopes of serving the survivors that O.U.R. Aftercare serves, to provide a non-laser, easy and effective way to remove any unwanted tattoos that survivors may have been marked with. It is the team at RSS’s deepest desire to help remove any visual trauma that a survivor has acquired on their journey and provide an opportunity for further healing. 

Survivor Story 

A survivor had come to RSS to receive treatment after experiencing repeated sexual assault by her husband and brothers. As a form of control and ownership, they tattooed their names on her neck. After breaking free from those who abused her, the survivor's tattoos continuously triggered her PTSD when she looked in the mirror. 

Once she got the tattoos removed by the team at Restoration Skin Solutions, she cried and said, “You helped me get my pretty back." The tattoo removal gave her a fresh start on her healing journey.

A Healing Path Forward

Operation Underground Railroad looks forward to collaborating with Restoration Skin Solutions to provide non-invasive tattoo removal services for survivors in need. Aiding in the healing journey of a survivor is a multifaceted process, and RSS is doing incredible work at using their services for the greater good.  


Alexis Chesnut
2021-07-21 01:03:56
I've spent years with a cover up on my chest; an ex-boyfriends name. He died a couple of years ago, but the tattoo and the cover up is still a reminder of how horribly abusive he was to me. Luckily, I can cover it with my shirt but the fact that it's there is still a reminder... he was a terrible person and I'm glad this is one of the few memories I have left, of our time together. It's taken a lot of time and work to heal from the scars he left on me I'm so happy people are finding relief in their tattoo removals, what a blessing!!
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