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Reflections of 2015

The end of the year is a time of reflection – a time to evaluate our successes and failures; our weaknesses and strengths. To acknowledge that even though we have accomplished much, there is still so much more to do.

Operation Underground Railroad is extremely grateful to have you as part of our team. With you we can conquer mountains, slay dragons, and fight the good fight. Without you, we are nothing.

Because of you, literally hundreds of children are free today that would otherwise be caught in the ugly web of sex trafficking. Because of you, human traffickers are paying the price for their choices and learning that there are consequences. Because of you, the streets are safer, law enforcement agencies are stronger, and human trafficking is becoming a dangerous occupation.

O.U.R.’s ultimate goal is to eradicate sex slavery around the world. It may seem insurmountable but we believe we can do this! YOU can do this! Together we WILL do this! May God bless you for your sacrifice and generosity.


Tim Ballard

Operation Underground Railroad Founder and CEO

Lindy Combs
2016-01-05 14:00:28
Thank God for you, Tim Ballard...and the Jump Team. I consider you all to be specific answers to my intercession well over two years ago that God would raise up the ones He could send into the darkness. Jump Team is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!
Matt Osborne
2016-01-15 14:31:22
Hello Mrs. Combs. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your consistent support of the Operation Underground Railroad. I can assure you that O.U.R. jump teams are lifted and comforted by your prayers of support while we are in the field. We wish you a very healthy and prosperous 2016! -Matt Osborne Sr. Vice President for Rescue and Rehabilitation Operation Underground Railroad
An Abolitionists.
2016-07-13 21:16:05
Just to let you know, I'm not going to stop, starting in the county I live, and then where I'm guided, to bring the awareness of this silent hell our children are experiencing. Yes, people don't want to look at this, but it's time we do. The more the public is educated about this, local government agencies, and whom ever will listen, the the more pressure we put on the perps that are making millions, with the innocence of a child. I want to tell them all, please hang on, we are on our way with "wings" to carry you out of the hell you are living in.
Heidi Skiles
2016-08-29 20:32:56
I am so excited to get more involved. Knowing exactly where my donations are going has motivated me to want to give. I believe OUR is a trustworthy organization, full of integrity and I am so excited for the future for all of us involved and especially the children.
2018-04-18 18:19:12
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2019-07-11 20:53:04
Without you, we are nothing.
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2020-09-29 00:30:15
I was very moved when I read this article, I think restricting people's freedom is the worst thing that can happen, I'm very sorry about it, but I'm also happy for the people who were saved.
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