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Recognizing Signs of Trafficking: A Survivor
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“You cannot put a price tag on my body.”

This is what Lily*, a survivor of trafficking, said when she was approached again by a trafficker.

O.U.R. partners with an amazing aftercare home in Mexico that has taken care of many survivors of child sex trafficking. Lily is nineteen years old and has recently returned home after finishing at the aftercare home, along with two other girls.

They have been doing very well reintegrating back into their communities. There are some gangs that were dangerous for them to be around before, but these girls have said that there is no way that the dangerous people will trick them now. “We have received actual healing,” one of them said.

Aftercare is one of the most important steps in the rescue process. Lily had access to many important resources and opportunities while in this aftercare home. O.U.R. provided all the girls at the aftercare home with Days for Girls training. This is an incredible program that teaches about health. Lily also had access to a computer lab that helped her catch up in school.  O.U.R. was recently able to help double the size of this computer lab to give more girls access to online education.

Lily was also able to take classes about what traffickers are really doing and why they do it.

Recently, a trafficker approached her in public and said, “I know that you are working for minimum wage, I can triple what you are making. Just come and sell your body for me and I’ll make sure you make more money.”

Before, Lily may have fallen into this trap. When she was younger, this is exactly what had happened to her. A trafficker used mind manipulation and money to lure her in. He convinced her that the money she would make would help her take care of her family.

Lily looked this trafficker in the face and said,

“NO. I don’t care how much money I would make because you cannot put a price tag on my body!”

This is a story of hope. No matter what someone has been through, aftercare can completely alter the course of one’s life when they have people that are loving them. Lily is continuing to work and go to college to reach her dreams.

*Lily’s name has been changed for protection.

What can YOU Do?


Learn how to recognize the signs of trafficking and how to report suspicious activity. Go to ourrescue.org/training to get started on our free “Signs of Trafficking Training Course” today!

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