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O.U.R. Operators Save Two Southeast Asian Boys in "Operation Sahara"

In a village in Southeast Asia, O.U.R. Operators collaborated with the local law enforcement on an investigation known as Operation Sahara. 

O.U.R. Operators went undercover as traffickers to “purchase” two teenage boys that were being advertised online. The two boys were being exploited online for sexual services. When the victims arrived at the predetermined location to meet the operators posing as customers, the trafficker was arrested immediately and taken into police custody. 

O.U.R.’s Southeast Asia Aftercare Team met with the parents to do family evaluations, discuss long-term care, and how O.U.R. will continue to support them. 

Following medical screenings at the local hospital, both survivors were released into the custody of their parents and are continuing to receive in-home aftercare services. 

The two young boys and their families were interviewed by police and O.U.R. Aftercare team members. Information was obtained that a brother of one of the survivors may also be a victim of this trafficker. O.U.R. and local authorities are continuing to look into this case. 

The suspect has been charged with human trafficking related offenses and the boys are on their path to healing. We are grateful that Operation Sahara was a success.

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