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Operation Underground Railroad Announces Official Partnership with Face Forward International
Aftercare, Allies

Face Forward International

Operation Underground Railroad is pleased to announce its official partnership with Face Forward International.

Face Forward International is a non-profit organization that provides pro bono surgical care and emotional counseling to survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking and other cruel acts. Located in Beverly Hills, California, Face Forward International covers travel costs for men, women and children coming from all around the world to receive services to further their physical and emotional healing.

Founded in 2007, Face Forward International does more than just provide free reconstructive surgeries for survivors; the organization also provides a warm and safe environment for survivors to reclaim their confidence. 

"We often find we are the missing piece of the jigsaw, when it comes to survivor aftercare services," said Deborah Alessi, CEO/Founder of Face Forward International. "By partnering with other non-profits like O.U.R., we are able to reach even more survivors from around the world and find we are often the final piece of their healing journey. We are able to help remove the physical scars that are a constant reminder of the abuse they have survived, leaving them feeling confident and doing great things with their lives as thriving survivors and advocates for others." 


O.U.R.’s Partnership

O.U.R. is excited to partner with Face Forward International to further both organizations’ missions to provide survivors of human trafficking with quality care. 

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership,” said Jessica Mass, O.U.R. VP of Aftercare. “Face Forward International is a wonderful organization, and through our collaboration, we can now help more survivors receive added solutions to support them in their journeys forward.”

Survivors of human trafficking often suffer severe burns, acid attacks, sexual violence, physical torture and scarring from the traffickers who exploit them. Traffickers may also brand or tattoo their victims or force them to receive cosmetic implants to appear more attractive to their clientele. 

Face Forward International is able to address the unique situations of survivors and remove the physical reminders of their abuse. 

O.U.R. is already working to help six women who are survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation–four survivors from Latin America and two survivors from Africa–who will come to Los Angeles to receive treatment from Face Forward in the coming months. The survivors’ treatments have been planned, and we look forward to the day that they can take this step in their healing process. 


O.U.R. is grateful for our ongoing partnership with Face Forward International to address the physical and emotional needs of survivors of human trafficking. To learn more about Face Forward International’s mission, please visit their website

Here is our new video that provides additional information on the partnership.


Stuart Wild
2021-06-05 00:46:12
To who ever this reads, I am living in Thailand and I am looking for ways to help. I thought about starting a business.org to hire people having the knowledge what it takes to get those abusers of innocence down. But than I thought well maybe I can start with donations/ ways of connecting me to people who than can train me the information and connections here in Thailand to give help to get phedofiles and or human sex trafficers arrested and safing children. Let me know in which way you can use my help because I live in Thailand and well we all know the bs this country is lead by! Stu
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