April 5th, 2019

O.U.R. Volunteers {Ideas & FAQs}

O.U.R. Volunteers shine light by raising funds and awareness in the fight to end child trafficking.

Our 9,000+ O.U.R. Volunteers work hard to spread awareness throughout the United States and beyond! Their work is vital to ending human trafficking because they can reach so many families and people in their communities. The more people know about the signs of human trafficking, the more children we can rescue and protect.

We have over 60 Volunteer Area Teams scattered across the United States and Canada to help volunteers join forces. Even if there is not an Area Team in your city, there are many ways you can get involved.

We encourage volunteers to use their unique talents to participate in ways that best suit their interests and strengths.

Some activities that we have seen O.U.R. Volunteers do to raise funds and awareness are:

  • Bake sales
  • 5k Runs
  • Sport tournaments (basketball, pickleball, bowling)
  • School/community assemblies
  • Operation Toussaint documentary screening parties

…and more! The opportunities are endless. We are incredibly grateful for all that our volunteers do to support the cause. Volunteers significantly strengthen our fight against trafficking. Click here to sign up and see below for FAQs.

Strikes Against Slavery Fundraiser
Bake sale fundraiser
Awareness run benefiting O.U.R. in Colorado


How does one become part of the “Aftercare Team”?

Our Aftercare Team is mostly made of official staff, but we do have some “Love in Action” volunteers who have dedicated long periods of time (as long as a year) to a particular area internationally to help at a home. To become more involved this way in aftercare, we ask that people start as a volunteer spreading awareness in their community and getting to know our team for at least a year. To sign up, go to ourrescue.org click Join The Fight and then click Volunteer.

Can I volunteer as a member of the “Jump Team”?

Many individuals come to O.U.R. wanting to be on the Jump Team. At this time we are not accepting individuals to serve in this way, however if you would like to be considered in the future, please fill out this form and email your resume to volunteer@ourrescue.org. We strongly encourage you to support O.U.R. in other ways as well.

Is there a Volunteer Area Team in my city?

There is a list of Area Teams near the bottom of the volunteer sign up form. If there is not a team in your area, we still encourage you to sign up! New teams are added frequently, and there are still many ways for you to be involved.

Can someone from O.U.R. speak at our event?

If you are interested in having someone from our team come speak at your event, please email info@ourrescue.org and they can email you a speaker request form.

How can I start a fundraiser in my area?

For registered volunteers, please complete a Project Request before beginning any fundraiser or other projects. If you have not registered yet, click here for the form! You can also visit yourrescue.org to see how others are raising funds for the cause.

If I live outside of the United States, can I still sign up to volunteer?

Yes! Enter your address in the space that says

Those outside of the United States of America please include your address and phone here:

However, the volunteer sign up form may require you to enter a U.S. address. If that is the case, you can put a random address in the required U.S. space.

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Read about our new Love in Action Street Outreach Team here.

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