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Aftercare, O.U.R. in the U.S., Operations
O.U.R.'S FIRST 31 DAYS OF 2020
Aftercare, O.U.R. in the U.S., Operations

Thanks to our amazing donors and supporters, O.U.R. continues to grow every single day. We are excited to share with you how we have mobilized your support to fight human trafficking so far this year.

1. 76 arrests, 40 rescues in the United States 

In January alone, O.U.R. has rescued 40 survivors and assisted in the arrests of 76 predators in the United States. O.U.R. currently supports law enforcement in 25 U.S. states. 

2. 3,000 more people have completed the online training 

Our online training aims to help the public feel prepared and confident in speaking up if they see something suspicious. 3,000 more people have received their certificates of completion this month! 

3. Free At Last event

O.U.R. held our annual “Free at Last” event in Utah on January 25th. Over 250 community members came together to enjoy food trucks, a humanitarian project, awareness booths, and even a virtual reality educational experience about the signs of human trafficking. 

a hero bands booth at free at last

4. Cambodia – 30 children saved from brick factory trafficking

O.U.R. partnered with Agape International Missions’ SWAT Team and the Siem Reap Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJPP) in Cambodia to rescue 30 children who were being exploited at brick factories. This was the first time any large-scale action against brick factories has been taken in Cambodia.


5. January 11th – National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 

Our organization honored National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11th to raise awareness about the estimated 300,000 children at risk for trafficking in the U.S. 

6. Our first aftercare assistance in France 

The O.U.R. Aftercare Team provided resources for a mother and daughter who were in a dangerous situation and lured from South America to France for the promise of love. ⁠⁠

We were able to connect the mother and daughter with a shelter in France where they are safe and will be returning home to South America soon. ⁠

7. Aftercare services provided to those wrongfully imprisoned

O.U.R. Aftercare assisted in starting a vocational training program inside the prison system in the Mediterranean. These classes are for girls who were wrongfully imprisoned after being trafficked, and we are supporting them as they work towards being freed.

8. Operation List, Arizona 

Using technology provided by O.U.R., the Mesa Police Department reported that they were able to arrest 20 people and rescue 1 minor as part of an undercover sting operation. Search warrants were issued for digital storage equipment and the police were able to use the mobile forensic lab to process the evidence and conduct interviews.

9. Winter coats delivered to survivors in Utah

Aftercare delivered 10 men’s coats and 20 women’s coats to a partnering center in Salt Lake City to help survivors of labor trafficking. 

10. 460 new registered volunteers

We received almost 15 new volunteers per day in January! We are excited for these new supporters to join our force of over 10,000 volunteers across the world. 

11. Mother and twins return home and receive aftercare

O.U.R. Aftercare helped repatriate a mother and her twins from the Mediterranean back to Africa, where they are receiving aftercare services.

12. O.U.R. Aftercare in Southeast Asia expands

Aftercare met with Southeast Asian aftercare teams to help expand their program and food budget thanks to a generous donor. 

13. Operation Dignidad

Operators went undercover in a Latin American city and assisted in the arrest of 15 predators, and helped free 3 survivors.


14. Survivor starts beauty school 

One of our survivors in Central America received a scholarship to attend beauty school. 

15. O.U.R. has educated 88 law enforcement agents 

One way that O.U.R. supports law enforcement in the United States is by providing specialized training when requested. 

16. O.U.R. team members have spread awareness to over 1,100 people at events.

We have a group of over 10,000 volunteers that works to put on events to spread awareness in hundreds of communities throughout the U.S.

17. It’s A Penalty – Miami super bowl outreach

On Saturday January 25th, 18 O.U.R. volunteers joined with It’s a Penalty, A21, and other local organizations to assemble and distribute trafficking awareness kits to 400+ hotels & motels in the Miami area. 

145,000 printed literature in English, Spanish & Creole, 7,000 wristbands, & thousands of lip balms, soap, and face wipes with hotlines & signs to look out for were distributed, along with a list of missing and exploited children from NCMEC in the Miami area.⁠

Joshua Miller from It’s A Penalty says, “It was amazing to see volunteers from so many walks of life joining together for this cause.” ⁠

18. Utah ICAC arrests and rescues

As a result of O.U.R.’s training and support, the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force arrested 24 sexual exploitation predators and rescued 35 children. They provided these children with the necessary aftercare resources to begin their healing process. 

In addition, this team was able to provide assistance in 337 cases to other ICAC task forces and law enforcement agencies. 8 trainings were also provided to Utah law enforcement officers. 

19. O.U.R. Aftercare Director Jessica Mass interviewed by Fox 13 Now regarding Utah kidnapping

In Utah, a 15-year-old was threatened with a knife, ‘kidnapped, drugged and raped’ by a West Valley City man. “It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” said Jessica Mass, Director of Aftercare for Operation Underground Railroad. See the article for the whole story, including the interview with Jessica.

Although this is a rare case, conversations between parents and kids about abuse, kidnapping and other hard topics can be difficult, but are important.

20. O.U.R. Attends the white house

Tim Ballard attended meetings at the White House as a member of the Private-Public Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking.


O.U.R. Executive Director Jerry Gowen also attended a meeting at the White House regarding President Trump’s budget proposal to expand prosecutions of human trafficking.

21. O.U.R. Thailand training

O.U.R. undercover operators provided a three-day intensive training to the already impressive Department of Provincial Administration of Thailand. The training included tactical shooting and ground control, close-quarters combat and defensive tactics, and emergency medicine tips. Together we will stop more predators from abusing any more children. 

22. Tim Ballard educates 1,000 correctional officers and delegates

O.U.R. Founder spoke at the American Correctional Association in San Diego to 1,000 correctional officers, and delegates from North and South America. 

23. Survivor in South America 

A survivor whom we have been working with for a long time in South America has completed his vocational training and is excited for the future. 

24. Beach outing for survivors

O.U.R. Aftercare organized a beach outing for survivors in Central America to help them heal by making new memories. 

25. Survivor starts a science program at her son’s school

McKenzie (link to her latest blog story), the first survivor we helped repatriate from the Mediterranean back to Africa, is starting a science program for her son’s school. O.U.R. Aftercare will help provide resources on our next visit. 

26. Operation Manila – O.U.R. assisted with our first arrest in the UK

O.U.R. team members in Southeast Asia identified a citizen of the United Kingdom seeking underage sexual contact. Through coordination with Thailand’s DSI (Department of Special Investigations) and the UK Embassy, UK investigators received all available information. Upon returning home, the suspct was arrested and charged with various sex crimes under UK law.

27. Operation Silent Predator, Arizona


28. K9 Dug + K9 Siri 

K9 Dug in California assisted in the arrest of 3 predators and helped rescue 3 survivors. On the other side of the country in Florida, K9 Siri assisted in the arrest of 2 predators. To learn more about what O.U.R. K9s do, visit this blog post: http://ourrescue.org/blog/o-u-r-k9s-sniff-out-child-sex-predators/

K9 Siri

29. O.U.R. offers comprehensive guide to reporting human trafficking 


Become an O.U.R. Responder by visiting O.U.R.’s new comprehensive guide of resources to reporting human trafficking and child exploitation. 

30. Tim Ballard appears as a guest on the Candace Owens show

“When I started doing human trafficking work I, along with most of America, had no idea what child slavery even was. How could that be real? I was quick to learn that it was/is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world.” – Tim Ballard

Full interview with PragerU and Candace Owens


31. Tim Ballard speaks at Silicon Slopes 2020

“You can only sell a drug once. You can sell a child multiple times a day.

I was honored to speak at Silicon Slopes this year. Inspiring to be around so many innovative companies and people. Any chance to spread awareness and broaden this fight is one I take.”

Melanie Conway
2020-02-07 15:45:53
I am witnessing the Lords work with all that is being done!! Tim Ballard and his wife has my respect and love And support! This miraculous movement just didn’t happen! Tim has been prepared by the Lord for this calling. And it is growing and will continue to grow because the Lords behind it. I’m so appreciative of all those men that have put themselves in dangerous situations for another especially children♥️ There is no higher perfect love than this than to put your life on the line in horrific evil places to rescue another! Thank you is not enough! May God always light the path where you should go and find and protect each of you! ❤️?????❤️?????
Haley Johnson
2020-02-08 19:13:51
Thank you to Tim for following his ❤️ and using his talents to save these people!!! I pray for all of you at O.U.R.!!! You are amazing!!
2020-04-01 08:14:16
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Matt ellingsen
2021-01-12 20:21:52
I want to be a sex slave
Linda Oliver
2021-05-29 22:56:17
I moved to South Dakota in October 2020. I became aware of your program since I've been here. Joined your prayer group. I've been living at this apartment building. I feel like my neighbor above me who supposedly he says has a daughter 7 years old. It just doesn't feel right or seem right to me she never comes outside unless he's taking her to the store with him. I had to go upstairs to ask them to be quiet a few times because they're too noisy above me. He happened to tell me one time the first time that they share a bedroom where he sleeps on the floor. I don't believe it this child to me feels like she's been sexually abused or being sexually abused. Every night I hear noises above me as if all he could be sexually abusing her. I called CPS to report this but I don't believe they came out to deal with the issue. I'm going to give you guys the address and I'm hoping someone will figure out if this is happening or not. I just don't have a good feeling about this neighbor above me that this child who never comes outside unless they're going to the store. The address is 3620 South Sparta avenue apartment 306 Sioux falls South Dakota I don't know their names really I just know his name is deacon I think but I don't know her name.
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