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O.U.R. Rescues 3 in India

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) uses many covers and tactics to create undercover operations that will result in the rescue of children as well as the arrest of traffickers and the dismantling of their developed rings.  Here is our most recent story from a rescue operation in India:

Standing outside of their hotel, two O.U.R. undercover agents identified the voice of their target; a taxi driver from the day before. Our agents are constantly on alert to understand the culture and reach of the traffickers within the area we are working.

This wasn’t just any taxi driver. This was the trusted driver of the Jump Team’s main suspect, a child sex trafficker named Rahul (names have been changed to preserve ongoing missions in the area). Rahul’s driver earned his status by successfully avoiding police checkpoints for Rahul’s child trafficking clients.

A few days later, Rahul was apprehended by Indian police at a luxury hotel and immediately gave up the identity of his contact, Amit. 

Photo of Rahul, captured by an undercover camera.

Photo of Rahul, captured by an undercover camera.

Police spotted Amit nearby who fled the scene on his motorcycle. Police pursued Amit through the streets of Goa in a high speed chase until a wrong move sent him crashing off the road where he was successfully apprehended.

After their arrests, both Amit and Rahul gave up the name of their boss, Aditya, who was the one holding most of the trafficking victims. Police were able to track him down and arrest him a few days later. 

Rahul, Amit, and Aditya were only 3 of the 7 traffickers arrested as a result of O.U.R.’s recent work in the area. 3 victims have been rescued and more are likely to be liberated in the near future.

Anytime a mission results in children or women being removed from a traffickers grip, O.U.R. works with local law enforcement to determine the scope of their recovery.  We work with these programs to make sure that they have resources to provide true opportunity for the victims.  Often the safe houses we work with keep their locations confidential to help provide a layer of safety and relief for the girls.  The recovery and healing process is a long journey and unique to each survivor. O.U.R strives to provide as many resources and as much support as possible to aid in that recovery process.

While the location of the survivors of this particular operation is confidential, the support program will provide appropriate recovery care as well as teach them a vocational skill so that survivors will be able to support themselves financially after going back out into the world. Often learning additional skills provides stronger sense of self-worth and they can build the opportunities for their future.   

Survivors of trafficking in India learning a vocational skill with one of our rehabilitation partners.

Survivors of trafficking in India learning a vocational skill with one of our rehabilitation partners.

One of O.U.R.’s partners in the area teaches sewing, for example. Survivors can use their new skills to proudly earn a small living and not fall susceptible to traffickers or feel the need to fall back to an old lifestyle and become victims again.  

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2015-07-22 16:00:06
Been around the world, and after three months in India, it's one place I have no desire to return to. I was anchored that time just outside the Gates of India in Mumbai, and everyday it was the same. I'd leave the boat, and every day and the people would be trying to sell trinkets, and pots and pans and whatnot, or beg for money, and I had no problem with that. They're dirt poor and just trying to get by. But coming back to the boat every night? The dregs were out by then. Hey man. Want some weed?-- No thank you. -- Some hash? -- No thank you. -- Some "insert any and all drugs"? No THANK YOU. They couldn't seem to get it in their heads, even after three months coming down the same street every night to get to the boat, that the over six foot 220 lb. white guy meant "I don't do drugs." not "I don't want that particular drug what else you got?" The sex trade was what got to me though. Cause after the drugs came that, and I swear to Almighty God himself, this is a censored version of what happened after a particularly lengthy drug list. "Oh! You want some girls then? I know some--." "No thank you." "No don't worry! She's clean. She's my sister." "No thank you." Then there was this pause as he pondered, then ventured... "I got a little brother--." And I SNAPPED. Until then, my Captain been quite impressed at how calm I remained, even in the most difficult and dire of circumstance. A storm tossed deck at sea? Bah! Try a bucking horse! They're here, there and all over the place. But I'd finally had it. Ef off!" I screamed. "Ef off! I been coming down this effing street for effing months now and you still can't effing get it though your effing head I don't effing do drugs, I don't effing want your sister, and I sure as eff don't want to ef your effing little brother! I don't effing mind you effing trying to sell me your effing pots, and your effing pans and your effing junk anythings but can't you get it through your thick effing skull this effing white guy, and look around! You effing seen any others here besides me most effing times? You should effing know me by now, and that I don't effing want any of that effing es you're pedaling. Eff off! Eff off! Just effing eff off!" Well. Once you cross some line, it's hard to come back. For the next three days, it was an instant eff off to any and all who approached. Until I gave up and sighed, "I'm gonna get stabbed here if I don't shut up." So it went back to dead "No thank you. No thank you. No thank yous." I have no desire to return.
2018-04-19 03:33:09
Thank you ever so for you blog post.Much thanks again. Want more.
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