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O.U.R. Operations Team conducts training in Northern Thailand

The O.U.R. Operations Team was invited to conduct a training session in Northern Thailand for 50 members of law enforcement and NGO investigative personnel. Attendees consisted of officers, investigators, and digital forensic personnel from the Department of Special Investigations as well as NGO investigators and support personnel.

The training consisted of classroom theory, hands-on demonstrations, and a mock-crime scene practical exercise.

All attendees received instruction on online child exploitation/human trafficking trends specific to Southeast Asia.

They also learned on-site digital triage techniques, equipment demonstrations, and participated in hands-on practical exercises. Attendees were evaluated on their ability to accurately identify items of electronic evidence, properly preparing the items for seizure and storage or for on-site triage, their search techniques, their ability to work as a team, and other skills. All attendees received passing scores and were provided an O.U.R. certificate of completion for the training.

Demonstrating the benefits of conducting on-site digital evidence triage at the scene enables officers to immediately identify victims and direct aftercare resources to them in the early stages of the investigation.

We are so grateful for the relationships and trust built during these sessions and for the administrative team that advocates on our behalf to help these trainings happen. They are a valuable part of networking and relationship building between O.U.R. and our trusted law enforcement officers.

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