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JOY in South America

South America hero band bracelet

This young South American woman recently turned 18. She was trafficked at 9 years old in a city that is known for sexual exploitation, a common age for little girls when they are first raped. The story could stop here… without hope… without a future… without joy.

Thankfully, the story continues for this beautiful girl. This young woman is so full of light, love and JOY! She was rescued four years ago and is getting ready to move out of the aftercare home to study culinary arts at a university. She was so excited to tell us about the life she is living and pursuing her dreams. She has received vocational training through the baking program at the aftercare home, which she has loved because of her passion for cooking she has had since she was a little girl. Out of her love for others, she even cooked for us and she is so talented! Trust me, my stomach testifies to the goodness of true talent!

She’s the hope of what we long for, for all of our survivors. When we put the ‘JOY’ band on her wrist she was so excited and said it was her favorite birthday gift. This is an 18 year old that’s healing and thriving. HERO Bands made her 18th birthday! She wants to own her own business and has already started selling her baked goods in the market. Light in the darkness. Hope instead of hopelessness. Beauty from ashes. Joy through the tears. Thank you for supporting these lives!

  • Jessica Mass | Director of Aftercare

What can YOU Do?


Because of your support, we can not only provide funding to our partnering aftercare centers, but can also give humanitarian aid and support vocational training – like this young woman’s baking classes!

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2018-04-19 02:24:54
Really informative post.Much thanks again. Will read on...
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