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Here is your weekly roundup of human trafficking stories in the news. We hope to highlight the good work that U.S. law enforcement and citizens are doing to fight human trafficking across the country. O.U.R. was not involved unless specified. 

Florida Police Release Names of 23 Sex Traffickers and Apps They Used

During Operation Intercept VII, 23 men were arrested between the ages of 21 and 77. The predators used apps to access young children such as Plenty of Fish, HILY, MocoSpace and Zoosk. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office released a list called “21 Apps Parents Should Know About” to help prevent these predators from accessing more children.

Chicago man sentenced to 22 years for posing as woman to lure children

A man posed as a woman named Lonyae Jackson and sent over 2,000 messages to people on Facebook, the majority of which were minors. This man coerced many minors into participating in sexually explicit films by falsely offering high cash prizes. 

79 arrested in human-trafficking, prostitution sting in Kingwood area

Law enforcement in Texas performed a two-week sting operation, Operation Labour. “If you’re going to attempt to buy sex in Montgomery County, you’re going to be caught and you’re going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” said Montgomery County DA Tyler Dunman.

Utah parolee faces new charges of human trafficking, kidnapping

A 51-year-old man on parole in Utah allegedly forced two women into human trafficking this year. The suspect was taken back to prison to stay as his case progresses. 

Kentucky man convicted of 25 counts of child pornography and child sex trafficking

A man in Kentucky contacted young girls on Facebook, offering them up to $45 an hour to Facetime or Skype with him, and even offered one minor $200 for some explicit videos and pictures. His sentencing will be announced soon. 

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