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Here is your weekly roundup of human trafficking stories in the news. We hope to highlight the good work that U.S. law enforcement and citizens are doing to fight human trafficking across the country. O.U.R. was not involved unless specified. 

‘No place in Texas’ | Dozens of human-trafficking victims rescued during Harris County sting

37 predators were arrested and dozens of survivors were rescued during Operation Independence, a six-day operation in Texas. “It is well past time for all of Harris County to join in the fight against Human Trafficking,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

Workers spend summer on school improvements

At a recent board meeting for trustees, O.U.R. Volunteers brought up the possibility of starting a Students Against Slavery Club at Ramona High School in San Diego. “One member of their Operation Underground Railroad team, an eighth-grade math teacher in a neighboring district, said she got involved when she learned that three of her students were being trafficked on nights and weekends,” Cyndi Celaya said.

Tennessee teachers to get training in spotting signs of human trafficking among students

In May, it was signed into law that public schools need to incorporate signs of human trafficking training into their curriculum. Teachers will also be required to attend a one-time in-service training. 

Group educates state fair-goers on signs of human trafficking

At the Nebraska State Fair, the group Truckers Against Trafficking set up a mobile museum to educate attendees about human trafficking. “Truck drivers are in these locations regularly. They’re already really vigilant. They know what to look for, and they can call it in. That’s why we know that the trucking industry is strategic to ending this crime,” Helen Van Dam said.

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