How O.U.R. is Fighting Human Trafficking in the United States

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July 18, 23

Operation Underground Railroad continues to demonstrate the ability to impact anti-human trafficking and exploitation efforts across the globe. Since its inception, O.U.R. has worked tirelessly with key stakeholders in this space in over 30 different countries and in all 50 states. We thank the donors who have made this all possible through their generous support. 

Our domestic program differs from our international program in a few areas. In the U.S. we are not a reporting, investigative or enforcement organization. The U.S. already has a strong law enforcement infrastructure wherein the brave women and men of the police force are primarily responsible for these duties. We strive to establish and maintain rapport and relationships with law enforcement agencies and have been successful in doing so in all 50 states and multiple provinces in Canada. We provide funding for law enforcement agencies in a few different areas which we believe impact the space of anti-human trafficking and exploitation-related cases: forensic equipment to include hardware and digital extraction software, Electronic Detection K9s, and scholarship funds for officers to receive specialized training in this space. We place a special emphasis on working with the agencies who are utilizing the Internet Crimes Against Children model sponsored by the federal government and team members or affiliates of these task forces.  

We also serve several different forensic labs situated across the U.S. that work with police agencies on these important cases. This often comes in the way of funding building or equipment-related needs mentioned above, which they utilize to conduct lab work on trafficking-related cases.  

Our aftercare program functions in a similar fashion in North America. We strive to work with vetted aftercare centers who provide services for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. Funds are infused into these programs and centers to help further their efforts in their respective areas. These locations often have equipment and building-related needs to enhance their work. Survivors will commonly need assistance with basic everyday needs which we also assist with. We have a robust education team that conducts various outreach efforts to educate the public about human trafficking and exploitation. We strive to engage a vast audience on this subject and leverage the strength of other professionals in the anti-trafficking space.  

A lack of funding in these respective areas is a real issue that our working professionals who fight against human trafficking face often. We strive to provide the funding and support they need to help them carry on with this vital work. It truly does make a difference and enables the literal rescue of individuals enslaved in this terrible plague. We know the groups we have aligned with are working hard in their respective communities to combat human trafficking and exploitation. We see their work and know they are making a profound difference. We are grateful for your support which allows us to serve them!  

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