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Hope Center Indy’s Mission to Impart Hope and Healing to Every Heart

Operation Underground Railroad’s relationship with Hope Center Indy has been one of deep healing and hopeful service. Hope Center Indy is now home to Todd Jordan’s K9 training facility for Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) K9s, where O.U.R.’s sponsored dogs are housed and trained to assist in child exploitation investigations. Hope Center Indy residents also mutually benefit from this program being on campus, as they are able to take vocational courses from vet techs and dog grooming professionals. Having the training facility on campus has been a healing space for all involved. Here is more about Hope Center Indy:

Meet Hope Center Indy

Hope Center Indy’s mission is to impart hope and healing to every heart. At the core of Hope Center Indy are three residential programs focused on the recovery of women exiting human trafficking, addictions, and other life-dominating issues. Their goal is to provide them with a safe place to heal and a clear path to community reintegration as empowered individuals. These programs are surrounded by several compassionate and spiritual ministries to create an even bigger impact in the city of Indianapolis.

The Founder’s Beginning

When Pastor Hubert and David Nolen began creating the Hope Center, they quickly learned of the local and international problem of human trafficking. Compelled to help, they began to research and identified one predominantly underserved population: women survivors of trafficking. At the time, there were less than 500 beds nationwide dedicated to survivors of trafficking and had recently obtained a 25-acre campus with such incredible potential to offer women from all corners of the country a chance to heal and thrive, they joined the fight. 

Unique Partnership with O.U.R. 

Hope Center Indy partners with Jordan Detection K9 and O.U.R. in the mission of raising electronic detection dogs to assist police officers in search warrants of potential child traffickers and predators. Jordan Detection K9 is building their K9 Training Barn on the campus. Hope Center Indy is looking forward to having residents and graduates of their program help with raising, socializing, and training puppies. This initiative will also expose the residents and graduates to multiple opportunities to learn veterinary technician skills and enjoy the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. 

Hope Center Indy Graduate

The healing space that Hope Center provides, has transformed the lives of so many. Here is a Hope Center Graduate sharing their experience:

“Hope Center Indy is unlike any other place I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a few places. The staff and volunteers are unlike any other people I have ever met, and I’ve met a few people. Hope Center Indy provided me with a clean, safe shelter, food, and nice clothing. I was difficult and mistrusting, but that was okay. They showered me with grace. I found out that I had never met someone who shows you what a faithful Christian looks like without saying a word. I can’t express how much this place has changed me. I’m trusting people again. God is real and personal to me. When my father died, my heart was crushed but the staff and volunteers were there for me. I now have a relationship with my kids after not even talking to them for years. Hope Center Indy has provided me with gainful employment. My God loved me back from despair. I am now thriving and excited to share my testimony of victory with the world.” - Hope Center Graduate

Lighting the way forward

Operation Underground Railroad is beyond excited to see how the future unfolds for Hope Center Indy residents, with the new addition of the K9 facility on campus. We are looking forward to a loving and long-term partnership with the Hope Center and staff. 


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