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Aftercare, Allies
HealEx Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Survivors of Human Trafficking
Aftercare, Allies

Operation Underground railroad is honored to be partnering with HealEx, an organization dedicated to providing survivors with the medical care they deserve.

HealEx LLC

HealEx LLC is an organization that bridges the gap between the healthcare system and anti-human trafficking efforts through holistic service, consultation, and training. The organization provides consulting services to anti-trafficking organizations to meet the health needs of survivors. 

Beginning of HealEx

The founder of HealEx, has specialized in healthcare access for survivors of exploitation and human trafficking, as a medical provider and public health professional. He spent the past 7 years dedicated to the study and service of vulnerable populations and discovered that the most medically underserved communities are being exposed to human trafficking and exploitation. HealEx was born out of the recognition that survivors are not receiving proper access to the healthcare they need.

How HealEx helped Sara

“Sara” had recently exited an environment in which she was being trafficked and sexually exploited. HealEx came into contact with Sara when she was suffering from severe physical medical-related issues, yet felt too uncomfortable to go and receive treatment. 

Through HealEx, Sara was introduced to a medical provider that understood her situation and was able to provide her medical care in an environment she felt comfortable in. The medical professional and Sara were able to create a safe space of trust, where Sara felt comfortable to express her experience and receive care in a compassionate environment. Shortly after, Sara’s physical medical concerns had healed and she began receiving ongoing care for her trauma.

By providing Sara with a healthcare professional that she could trust, she was able to fully receive the healing care she so desperately needed. Healthcare helped Sara heal, and it was HealEx’s loving support to provide that for her that led her on the road to recovery.

HealEx and O.U.R.

Operation Underground Railroad has contributed donations to support HealEx’s direct service initiatives to survivors. We are honored to support the great work of HealEx, which has served hundreds of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation with the healing services they need. 

HealEx has also been heavily involved in mobile outreach projects, specifically serving survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking, and jumped in to help O.U.R. do the same. With their help, HealEx has aided O.U.R. in the effort to create and support mobile outreach to survivors, continuing the communication between a survivor and aftercare services.

The partnership that has formed between Operation Underground Railroad and HealEx has been one of the most rewarding collaborations. It’s with both the organization's efforts, that more survivors are now receiving proper healthcare services and mobile outreach initiatives are being put in place!

Learn more at healthandhumantrafficking.org. You can also reach HealEx by emailing info@healthandhumantrafficking.org

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