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A Comprehensive Guide of Trusted Resources to Report Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation
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HUMAN TRAFFICKING: involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act (DHS.gov)

CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: refers to the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a minor for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Force, fraudor coercion do not need to be present for the crime to be considered child sex trafficking (justice.gov, humantraffickinghotline.org). 

CHILD EXPLOITATION: is a broad term that encompasses all forms of child sexual exploitation. This may include many of the other terms on this list, such as child sexual abuse material, child sex trafficking, and others like sextortion. This is one of the broadest ways to talk about the issue as a whole, rather than the individual and nuanced pieces (Thorn.org).

CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE MATERIAL (CSAM): refers to any content that depicts sexually explicit activities involving a child. Visual depictions include photographs, videos, live streaming, and digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor. CSAM better describes the reality of this crime, rather than the legal term of child pornography. It’s important we use terminology that reflects the impact of this crime on its victims (Thorn.org).

SEXTORTION: is a form of sexual exploitation. The offender uses coercion and threats to compel the victim to produce sexual images or videos engaging in sexual acts. Sometimes the offender already possesses nude or sexual images of the victim and is threatening to release them if the victim will not do as the offender commands (Justice.gov).

ONLINE ENTICEMENT: is the use of the internet to entice, invite, or persuade a child to meet for sexual acts or to help arrange a meeting, and is a serious offense. Predators have used e-mail, instant messaging, bulletin boards, and chat areas to gain a child’s confidence and then arrange a face-to-face meeting. This sometimes leads to the child traveling to meet the person he or she is chatting with or the person traveling to meet the child. Sometimes the other person is an adult whose intent is to have sex with the child. (Justice.gov).

ONLINE SEXUAL EXPLOITATION: most commonly includes grooming, live streaming, consuming child sexual abuse material, and coercing and blackmailing children for sexual purposes (ECPAT.org). 



“I've seen something that may be suspicious of trafficking or is inappropriate. How do I report it?"

Please exercise good judgement when making a report. All tips are taken seriously; however, conspiracy-related reports from people with no direct knowledge of trafficking situations can overwhelm services meant for victims.

We are not a law enforcement body and cannot investigate trafficking leads. If you or someone you know is in danger, please contact local authorities immediately using all relevant channels of communication including: telephone, email, submissions via law enforcement websites, etc. Please leverage investigative bodies such as city police departments, county sheriff offices, state police and federal law enforcement including the FBI or HSI. Alternatively you can contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or visit their website at www.humantraffickinghotline.org to report a tip.

We have compiled a guide of helpful resources to report potential human trafficking and exploitation cases. O.U.R. is not a reporting agency. 



United States Resources

  1. If you or another person are in immediate danger, please call 911 to receive help from local authorities.
  2. If you have information about the person/people potentially being trafficked, you can report it to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and they can give you recommendations about what to do. The National Human Trafficking Hotline is 888-373-7888. Visit their website to learn how you can also report through live chat, text, an online form, or email.

Global Resources

  1. If you or another person are in immediate danger, please alert local authorities.
  2. If you have information about the person/people potentially being trafficked, you can report it to your country’s national hotline. You can reference It’s A Penalty’s map to find the appropriate reporting mechanism in every country worldwide.



If you or another person are in immediate danger, please alert local authorities first.

Many social media platforms have in-app tools to report human trafficking and child exploitation. For example, here is Facebook’s page to report human trafficking. Other platform’s tools, if they exist, can be found in their help centers.

Every U.S. state has an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. Most states have a contact email to report online child exploitation. If your state has a reporting form or email provided, you can report your information there. Check out the list here.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a CyberTipline to report anything to do with child exploitation or abuse. Information entered into this report will be made available to law enforcement for possible investigation. 

If you have seen child sexual abuse material and you live abroad, you can use this search tool to find your country’s reporting form or hotline.




If you encounter CSAM outside of the above platforms, we recommend using the following link to report abuse: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

An increasing number of well-intentioned and concerned people are raising the level of discussion about child exploitation and human trafficking through social media and other channels. Please exercise good judgement when reporting tips. All tips are taken seriously; however, conspiracy-related reports from people with no direct knowledge of trafficking or CSAM situations can overwhelm services meant for victims. Please follow the above guidelines for reporting CSAM. 



CSAM can appear on any of the major social media platforms. These platforms have protocols for reporting any abusive material. If you ever happen to come across an image or video you believe to be abusive or involving a minor, always report it! Be sure to always report directly within the platform and do not share it. It is important to not perpetuate the issue by sharing it further.

Below are the reporting mechanisms for each major social media platform:

Thank you for doing your part in fighting against the horrific nature of human trafficking. Together, we can shine a light on the darkness and help bring survivors to freedom.  

Susan Briggs
2021-06-04 22:55:41
I’m very interested in helping all I can! I’m a retired middle school teacher. I taught Health and PE for 25 yrs. I would love to help the children, care for them and try to be a mentor!
Susan Briggs
2021-06-04 23:01:46
I would love to help the children! I’m a retired Middle School teacher. I taught Health and PE for 25 years . I would love to help them, care for them and laugh and talk with them.
Karilyn Moores
2021-06-09 09:36:19
Thank you for supplying information. My daughter, a Pediatric Dermatologist, was asked to see some rescues a few years ago. I became her researcher as nothing was readily available and her time is really limited. She has now made contact with kNot today I opened that rabbit hole on this mission thank you for awakening us. Mr Ballard I keep you and your family in my daily prayers for your safety and blessings upon you all. God Bless You and Yours. GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND THAT I LOVE STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER WITH THE LIGHT FROM ABOVE
Danielle Marrama
2021-06-09 18:08:51
Don't know how to report this, but I got fact checked on a baby albino bat by FB. Went online and searched on duck duck go- baby albino bat. There's a picture of a little girl with a bat on her onesie. She has bruising on her forhead. It maybe nothing but it's better safe then sorry. This is the link to the page. Company looks like customon.com. Thank you, for your time!! ???? And thank you for everything you do to protect our children https://www.customon.com/product/albino-bat-baby-onesies-4411395?color=15&size=20
2021-06-15 04:10:39
Super expensive items like 'pillow throws' on chinese web site or Wayfair : https://www.wayfair.com/decor-pillows/sb0/throw-pillows-c417136.html?sortby=3 We ordinary fold don't have the tech to check this but we do have a hickling it may be children for sale.
Michelle p Wilson
2021-06-29 15:59:01
I would like to get involved with your rescue Mission. . I am in Kansas City . I have time and resources. And a big heart. Who do I contact ? Respectfully , Michelle Wilson
Krista Eilers
2021-07-04 13:38:18
Wanted to suggest partnering with Compassion International, Colorado Springs, for child protection and development. I had previously planned to adopt 'Anna' to find her already sponsored. She was escaping an AIDS infested community and in need of education and healthcare. There are many encouraging stories about how they achieved college educations. I have a friend who sponsors seven children, from 7 different countries, and they have flown to meet each child individually now. Keep up the great work!
Jean Takac
2021-07-27 05:16:21
I would appreciate all the brochures or literature on OUR . As I travel to different seminars I can have a display table and distribute this to the public . Jean
Vito Antonio Lazzazzara
2021-07-27 11:22:00
Everyday I think of you fighting this horror, I donate what I can every week. Thanks to you too I have found the light. Blessings from Italy. Kindest regards, Vito
Amy Hughson
2021-07-28 18:07:06
Mr. Ballard, you do not understand why America keeps raping children? Psychology APA dsm5 rules over our courts and schools. They decided raping adults is not a mental disorder and wanting to rape children is a sexual preference. They also state praying to God is a symptom of mental disorder. This must end. Please.
2021-10-11 20:37:16
It's the Ouroboros. The serpent eating its tail. Serpent means the evil ones concentrated at the head, and the tail is the little ones without protection. It's a symbol. You're absolutely right though... we are in the days of the anti-Christ
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