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A 5-Year-Old's Wish to Help "Real-Life" Superheroes


Five-year-old Benji asked for two things for his birthday:

1.     A hug from each of his friends

2.     His own “Superhero Run”

Not only did he just want these two things, this sweet young boy asked for no presents. He wanted to support the real-life superheroes instead. As Benji’s parents helped him plan his birthday race, they had many conversations with him about superheroes.

Benji’s parents explained to him that there are many real-life superheroes. They discussed firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and other first responder jobs with Benji to explain what they do.

In one of the multiple conversations, Benji’s parents mentioned the O.U.R. Jump Team. They explained that the O.U.R. Jump Team disguise themselves to find bad guys and rescue children.

Once Benji heard that, he started saying that his superhero race would help rescue these lost children that he just learned about.

This boy, as young as five years old, knew that he could join this fight with us.

Benji’s parents put it best when they said, “We believe that knowledge is power, and that as we teach our children about difficult issues such as human trafficking (simplified and to their level), and let them contribute to the cause, they will feel empowered and have increased confidence that evil can indeed be overcome with good.”

Benji’s superhero 1K race with his friends raised over $500 to save children from trafficking. We are grateful for his support in this cause even at five years old! Everyone can make a difference, even small superheroes!


What can YOU Do?


Do you want to create a YOURrescue campaign for your community? Visit yourrescue.org to start today.

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Thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again. Awesome.
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