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37 Survivors Rescued and 76 Suspects Arrested in 2021 in India through O.U.R. and Free A Girl

We are beyond excited to share the incredible work that Free A Girl is doing in India, with the support and collaboration of O.U.R.!

The mission of Free a Girl is to fight against child sexual exploitation and impunity. Free A Girl rescues girls who are minors out of situations of sexual exploitation, usually from illegal brothels and dance clubs. Their operations team also aids in operations, where young girls are rescued from the trafficker or offender before entering into one of these dark scenarios. Within their work, they also heavily focus on ensuring the traffickers and individuals exploiting these young girls are brought to justice, through campaigning, lobbying, and educational programs. 

In 2021, a total of 37 minors were rescued and 76 suspects were arrested in India due to the support and collaboration with O.U.R. 

With the COVID pandemic still surging through India, Free A Girl’s rescue work has been difficult to carry on with. Maintaining the safety and health of the staff, along with the lockdowns, has made it a challenging year to continue rescue operations throughout the country. 

Poverty is one of the root causes of child sexual exploitation and many communities are now left increasingly vulnerable with the decrease in tourism, and children unable to go to school. Free A Girl is grateful to have such dedicated employees that are persevering during this unprecedented time. Due to the newfound hardship the pandemic has brought to India, every single rescue operation this year has been incredibly special to all involved. 

“Without the support of O.U.R. it would not have been possible to continue all our work in India,” says Evelien Hölsken of Free A Girl. 

O.U.R. is thankful for the collaboration with Free A Girl and the passionate members that make up their organization. As a result of their dedication to this shared mission, 37 minor girls are now given the opportunity to experience childhood again. These collaborations are bringing light to the darkest corners of the planet and setting survivors free from the chains of human trafficking and exploitation, one operation at a time. 

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