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O.U.R. in the U.S., Allies
2021 Outreach Impact: New Directions and Exciting Growth
O.U.R. in the U.S., Allies

O.U.R.’s Outreach Department strives to create connections with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to build the network that will end human trafficking. This year has marked new directions and important changes for the department. Additionally, volunteers and organizers around the world have raised awareness and brought community together in new and important ways in 2021.

The O.U.R. Outreach Team launched a new direction this year. The team took ownership of awareness and prevention — two crucial pillars of how we work to end human trafficking. This resulted in the development of multiple programs to be launched in 2022. The programs include new age-specific training programs, a Speaker’s Bureau, a new “Conductor Club,” and new online trainings. 

Here are some highlights from the O.U.R. Outreach Team from 2021: 

total o.u.r. volunteers
1. The Outreach Team is built on the shoulders of
volunteers. Thanks to the efforts of local organizers, O.U.R. registered over 6,000
new volunteers for a total of 59,000+. These volunteers will help spread awareness and add their voices to the fight.


grew to 80 volunteer teams
2. Volunteer teams enable individuals to get involved. These teams spread awareness and enable individuals to make a difference and share O.U.R.’s message.  


outreach in 6 new states and 9 countries 
3. 2021 saw growth across geographical barriers both domestically and abroad. Our Outreach Team has supporters in 32 states as well as in Canada, Australia, England, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Colombia, Costa Rice, and Egypt.  

students against trafficking 
4. Every year we are amazed by the efforts of young people who are passionate about ending human trafficking. We now have 28 student-run clubs around the U.S. These students led out in their schools is awareness and educated their fellow students. Their work is inspiring! 


over 6000 individuals educated
5. O.U.R. Outreach supports the education of individuals on the risk factors of human trafficking as well as how they can help break the chain. This year, Outreach educated 6,170 people in training, online courses, and other education events. Prevention and training is a vital part of how O.U.R. is working to end human trafficking and exploitation.  


rise up for children 
6. Hundreds of O.U.R. supporters joined together on World Day Against Trafficking (July 30) to Rise Up for Children. International and domestic participation was spread across 11 countries. Over 134 demonstrations were held and supported by volunteers. World Day Against Trafficking was a crucial point for raising awareness. 

Want to get involved
? Visit our
volunteer portal or read here about new ways to get involved! 

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