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2021 Impact at a Glance: Children Need Families Has Provided 191 Children with the Miracle of Adoption

Children Need Families (CNF), a project of Operation Underground Railroad, has had the opportunity to grant families and children alike the gift of adoption. CNF has created a positive ripple of hope since it was founded and will continue to be a pillar of support for adoptive families and children in need. Through adoption grants, collaboration, and outreach efforts, at-risk children have been given a new beacon of hope as they are connected with families willing and eager to welcome them into their homes. 

Here are ten ways that CNF has had the honor of impacting lives across the globe this year:

Celebration of World Adoption Day

1. On November 9th, World Adoption Day, CNF was able to celebrate and raise awareness of its unique role in supporting adoptive families and children around the world. It was a day to honor the beauty of adoption, recognize the individuals impacted, and highlight families and children that have benefited from CNF’s contribution.

117 Families Assisted in their adoption process

2. CNF assisted 117 families in the adoption process by relieving the financial burden that adoption may impose on prospective parents.

191 Children Funded Around The World

3. One-hundred and ninety-one children were funded for adoption. CNF has facilitated adoptions from 24 different countries!

Children Need Families Expansion

4. 2021 was an expansive year for CNF. Their team created a Volunteer Board, launched a new website, and supported the planning for an adoption awareness documentary. A total of 112 grants were awarded for adoption, all made possible from your donations! 


Racing For Orphans With Down syndrome Grant

5. CNF had the great privilege of providing a grant to
Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome (RODS) to fund the adoptions of 491 Down Syndrome children.

19 Survivors of Human Sacrifice Receive Financial Support

6. A financial grant was awarded to
Kyampisi Childcare Ministries to provide financial support to 19 survivors of human sacrifice.

10 Children Receive Adoption Escorts

7. Ten children received adoption escorts thanks to a grant awarded to Hand In Hand International Adoptions

10000 Adoption Files Digitized In Haiti

8. In Haiti, CNF is working alongside Solutions, a Haitian-based digitizing company, to digitize over ten-thousand children’s adoption files for Haitian orphanages.

Respire Campus Acquires A Grant To Support 500 Children

9. Respire, a campus that supports 500 former “restavek” children (house slaves) received a significant grant to help support educational programs and other campus needs.  

Connect Orphanages With Adoption Agencies

10. CNF has collaborated with
Goya Foods/Goya Cares to curate an initiative to connect orphanages in Mexico and the Dominican Republic with adoption agencies.


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