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March 15th, 2019

We Need Students Against Slavery

We know it’s going to take everyone to end modern-day slavery. That’s why we have created a program especially for students who want to make a difference.

Our Students Against Slavery initiative supports students of any grade to spread awareness and support the cause! We offer different ways to get involved and want to help you every step of the way.

The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas we’ve already seen:

  • Creating an anti-human trafficking club at school
  • Screening our documentary, Operation Toussaint
  • Hosting a school-wide 5K Color Run
  • Basketball Tournament Fundraiser
  • School Assembly about O.U.R. & Internet Safety
  • Bake Sale & Yard Sale by neighborhood friends

To get started, check out this link and contact our Students Against Slavery Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Parson. studentsagainstslavery@ourrescue.org

Introducing our Students Against Slavery shirts! You don’t have to be part of a club to purchase.


Do I need to coordinate with my school before I reach out to start a club? Starting an official school club does take coordination with your school, but our Students Against Slavery Coordinator can help you navigate that process.  Individuals can contact our Students Against Slavery Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Parson, to get started! Her email is studentsagainstslavery@ourrescue.org

Do I need to coordinate with a school in order to start a club? No! If you have friends that want to start your own club on your own, that is great!

What direction is given? They are given a complete road map on how to start a club, what a club looks like, awareness and fundraising ideas, and monthly suggestions. All of this information can be found at this website.

Are there any schools that have already implemented this? Yes, we already have six high schools that have anti-trafficking clubs in correlation with O.U.R. We’ll be featuring what students are doing frequently on our social channels, so make sure you’re following us at @ourrescue on Facebook. Instagram, or Twitter! 

Thank you for joining us in this fight!

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