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March 13th, 2018

Your Donations in Action: A New Fifteen Passenger Van is Purchased to Help Transport Girls to School

When it came time for the girls’ therapy appointments or school, everyone piled into the van. The last person in would grab the string hanging on the trunk door and pull it down tight. They all sat tightly and hoped that the back wouldn’t spring open.

O.U.R. was made aware of the need for a new van on a previous mission with Glenn Beck in Mexico. It came up that our aftercare partners were struggling to get their girls to school and to their therapy appointments because their van kept breaking down.

This is an aftercare home that we have been working with for a long time. They have multiple therapists and onsite vocational trainings such as culinary arts, gardening, and jewelry making. They love to help the girls stay active in the community, as long as it is safe and their traffickers aren’t around looking for them. O.U.R. was honored to take the girls on an outing to go on a gondola ride this past year.

Because our amazing partners give the girls in their home so much opportunity to be involved, having a van works is really important to them!

With the support of our donors, O.U.R. was able to purchase a brand-new fifteen passenger van for them. This came at the perfect time, as they were in the process of starting a new aftercare home for boys and needed to use their spare car at that home.

O.U.R. is so grateful to be able to provide for these tangible needs of aftercare homes. We partner with these aftercare homes so that we can recommend that children are placed there when we do a rescue operation.

It is important that there is sufficient transportation so the kids can go to school and be involved in their communities. This helps them on their path to healing and gives them hope for the future. It is inspiring to see what talents these kids have and how they use them to achieve their dreams.

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