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June 7th, 2017

Training & Aftercare: The Dominican Republic

This past month, O.U.R. Aftercare and Fox Valley Technical College worked together to provide survivors and officials in the Dominican Republic with tools to fight human trafficking. President of Operations Jon Lines, SVP of Rescue & Recovery Matt Osborne, and Aftercare Assistant Tyler Schwab oversaw the O.U.R. sponsored training.

Fox Valley Technical College is a college in Wisconsin that utilizes their own National Criminal Justice Training Center to uncover human trafficking. They partner with many national organizations to train others how to fight along with them.

A special training was held for anti-trafficking investigators and prosecutors. Two Fox Valley trainers provided instruction on a variety of investigative tools and techniques to track down perpetrators in the area. With O.U.R.’s donation of new laptops, this task force can continue to protect more children.

The O.U.R. Aftercare team had great interactions with survivors in the Dominican Republic. The team led several service projects and activities, such as repairing an old security gate and preparing new homes for rescued minors. The team even put on a magic show for the survivors.

 Tyler and a girl living at an orphanage repair and paint an old security gate

 A survivor, an employee at Destiny Rescue, Brett; a volunteer, and a local share a hug together after a joint service project.

Adrianne, a volunteer, holds a child’s hands while wearing her O.U.R. ring.

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The rehabilitation process after the rescue is an essential part of O.U.R.’s mission.

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