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January 30th, 2018

Trafficking Prevention: The Rescue With an Unlimited Number

O.U.R. strongly believes in the efforts of trafficking prevention. It is the rescue that never needs to happen. It is saving children before they ever  know they need to be saved. Efforts of prevention and intervention are vital in the fight against trafficking.

The Johnson family puts much effort into empowering youth in South America! They have been working with a program that has opened doors for families in extreme poverty that are at high risk for being trafficked, as well as women with young children who are trying to leave working on the streets. In this program, women and girls learn basic education (math, science, grammar). They also learn valuable skills that help produce an income like sewing, cosmetology, Microsoft products, and even pharmaceutical skills! While receiving vocational training that will lead to a livable income, they are also receiving mentoring from loving, caring adults. Having meaningful relationships is vital in everyone’s life, and while these girls are receiving true love, they are also learning life skills that will create stronger families.

The Johnsons have recently started assisting in teaching Days for Girls and English classes! Mike Johnson noted the following after his experience teaching with the Days for Girls. He said, “The women there are all so wonderful and beautiful. They come from tough situations and backgrounds but they are all there because they want to be there and improve their lives.” During this time they are able to educate the girls on human trafficking and grooming behaviors that traffickers use. Sometimes these trainings are for teenagers that are at high risk for being deceived by traffickers pretending to want to be their ‘boyfriend’.  Other times it is young mothers who are being trained on how to keep their children safe while also learning a new skill.

The effort towards prevention is an act of rescuing girls that never knew they needed to be rescued. Education, supporting vocational training, and strengthening family units are all vital in prevention. Thank you for standing with us to not only rescue children being trafficked, but to put efforts into making sure they are never trafficked in the first place.

Jessica Mass

O.U.R. Director of Aftercare

What can YOU Do?


There are opportunities to volunteer with O.U.R. across the country. We have Area Teams of volunteers located in many cities in the U.S. To become an O.U.R. volunteer, visit our website ourrescue.org/jointhefight and click “Volunteer.”

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