Tony Robbins: When a Dream Bucket List Leads to Change

We are so incredibly grateful for Tony Robbins, his outstanding team and his generous supporters. They have been able to help us save dozens of children from slavery so far.

Watch the video below to find out how Tony came to find out about Operation Underground Railroad & you will be amazed what happens next.

The next time you think, “I’m just 1 person, I can’t possibly make a difference.” Think again!


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  • Kristin

    This is such an incredible story. The woman in the video is amazing- her bucket list was not about herself, but was about helping others. It’s amazing that just by getting that information out there and in the hands of others, they were able to raise so much to rescue children. God bless her for her selflessness and God bless Tony and everyone who donated to help with this cause.

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  • JJ

    God bless you, Tony, and all who donated. This story is life-changing.


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