May 26th, 2017

Tim Ballard Speaks at Summit in Imperial County, Hot Spot for Human Trafficking

Tim Ballard, founder and C.E.O. of O.U.R., presented at the Second Annual Human Trafficking and Commercial Exploitation of Children Summit in El Centro, Imperial County, California on Wednesday.

“Thousands are smuggled through these ports of entry every year,” Tim says. “The fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet, [which is] rivaling drugs at this point, is human trafficking.” Sgt. Justin Bostic of I.C. Sheriff’s Office says Imperial County is a major “corridor” to the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside areas.

The summit provided a platform for presenters to show local leaders how to detect subtle cues to identify and assist victims of trafficking. Schools plan to help educate students on modern day slavery, and parents are encouraged to talk to their children about online predators and internet safety.

Tim will work with local authorities in training officers, uniting in the fight against human trafficking. We are grateful for every chance O.U.R. has to collaborate with our local communities to protect more children on the home front.

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What can YOU Do?


If you see something suspicious, report to your local authorities.

“It could save somebody’s life.” – Tim Ballard

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