This man helped free 29 women and children from sex trafficking

This man helped free 29 women and children from sex trafficking

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Ex-CIA analyst Tim Ballard is now a sex-trade investigator — and he just cracked a major ring in Haiti that liberated 29 young women and children.  170220-tim-ballard-feature

It was all in a day’s work for Ballard, who teams with a nonprofit called Operation Underground Railroad, made up of former members of the US military who use their know-how to battle child-trafficking and sex slavery in countries where the practices are common.

The Haiti operation, called Sainte Jou — Creole for Blessed Day — led to the arrest of nine suspected sex traffickers on Feb. 5, Super Bowl Sunday, by local authorities, who worked in tandem with the US organization.

“We are not a rogue agency, we are not vigilantes,” said Matt Osborn, a CIA and State Department veteran, who helps Ballard direct the group’s operations.

They target locales notorious for sex trafficking and then set up complex sting operations to nab the pimps and free the young women and girls.

In Haiti, a sting was set up at the Kaliko Beach Club, a high-end resort on the west side of the island of Hispaniola, which is shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

On Feb. 3 and 4 — as Americans were preparing their Super Bowl parties — Osborn said a team of 25 men began flying in to “play the role of middlemen for wealthy American pedophiles.” They organized with the pimps to line up local girls — some as young as 13 — for an orgy.

“The average price we were going to have to pay was $300 for each girl, for what was billed as a sex party of four to six hours,” Osborn said.

By Sunday, a yacht moored off-shore was made to look like a wealthy party boat down from Florida for the weekend.

Most of the undercovers were wearing flip-flops and shorts and playing ball on the beach to give off a party vibe.

Ballard, who worked for the Department of Homeland Security as a special agent, met face-to-face with the pimps and recorded the details of the deal to hand over to Haitian authorities, who swooped in to break up the sex ring.

The US State Department said Haiti only passed legislation criminalizing sex trafficking in 2014.

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Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise.  It is a $32 BILLION industry.
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8 thoughts on “This man helped free 29 women and children from sex trafficking

  1. Tim , Thanks for all you do to find The Lord’s lost children. Are any of the children and women any of our missing kids in the US? Godspeed to you and your crew.
    If there where more honorable men like you and your team the sex trafficking wouldn’t be a business.
    What can we do to help stop it?

  2. What you and your team did on Supperbowl Sunday is greater and more honorable than winning any Supperbowl game!! I am praying that protecting angels continue to surround you and your team!! Thank you and God bless you!!😇

  3. Is it ever a worry that the perpetrators will recognize you or any of your team when there is publicity like this? I think your work is incredible and people need to know about your organization but I just wonder if anyone has ever been recognized and a rescue thwarted? Thanks again, I consider it an honor to contribute to O.U.R.

  4. I first saw you Tim on Nephi Explorer and bought my husband your book “The Lincoln Hypothesis: A Modern‑Day Abolitionist Investigates the …”
    Book by Timothy Ballard
    He loved it!! The work you do for O.U.R has sealed the deal of you being our hero.
    Thank you so much!!

  5. Thank you so much for your work and service! My wife and I were actually part of a mission group that arrived at Kaliko the Saturday night of when this operation was underway…we saw the catamaran anchored offshore and thought it was strange only to find out the next day when we asked about it that it was a child/sex trafficking outrage. The information relayed to us didn’t include that your group was part of the sting. We’re so thankful to learn that you were instrumental in the intervention and capture of the traffickers.

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