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June 2nd, 2014

The Ultimate Gift

“How can I help?”  That is what we often hear at Operation Underground Railroad. People with good hearts are sickened when they discover the plight of these children who are kidnapped, or in many cases, sold and used as sex slaves.

Awareness of the issue is the first step in helping, because until people are aware of the problem, nothing will happen.  Next comes fundraising because without the resources, again, not a lot can be done.  But once the resources are in place, the real work begins.

Very few are able to actually go in and rescue these children and have the offenders arrested, tried, and put behind bars. Fortunately, O.U.R. is able and willing to do this and is doing it more and more as resources allow.

But you want to do more than spread the word and make a donation. And you’re not really Jump Team material, so what can you do?  The ultimate gift you can give these children is a home.  Some place where they will feel safe and secure and loved. Where no one will hurt them or use them for their own enrichment.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these children rescued outside of the United States are orphans or are sold by their parents into slavery because they either had few options themselves or because that is the life they grew up in and really see no other choice. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can break the chain. You can make a difference.

It is said the best leaders lead by example.  O.U.R. Founder and CEO Timothy Ballard is doing just that.  With a beautiful wife and six amazing children of his own, you would think he’s already doing his share in rescuing these children.  But he is now is the process of adopting two of the children he and his Jump Team rescued in Haiti, as are other members of O.U.R.

Adoption is certainly not for everyone. It is a lifelong commitment and much more than a donation.  But, if it is for you, please contact O.U.R. at www.ourrescue.org and let them know your desire and they will walk you through the process every step of the way.  Because helping a child helps break the chain of sex slavery. What better gift is there?

Written by Cheryl L. Karr

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