The Power of One

The Power of One

It is truly amazing what one person can do. Take 17-year-old Mark Tenney, a senior in high school from Irvine, California, for example. He heard Tim Ballard’s story about rescuing children from sex slavery and immediately felt impressed to help in the best way he knew how – organize a bike ride. Not just any bike ride; a 450-mile, five-day bike ride down the California Coast to benefit Operation Underground Railroad.

Ride The Railroad Participants
Ride The Railroad Participants in Irvine, California

It took over a year of planning, organizing and promoting the July 26-30, 2016 event, but he did it! Friends and family and even strangers helped out with 45 riders joining him on the excursion. In the end he raised $135,000 and donations are still coming in. In fact, if you’d like to donate you can go to and find Ride the Railroad. Donations will be taken until August 30, 2016.


Mark Tenney raises $135,000 to help rescue children
Tim Ballard with a check from Mark Tenney for $135,000 to help rescue children

Operation Underground Railroad congratulates Mark Tenney, his family and supporters on a job well done. Children all over the world will be liberated and traffickers arrested due to their efforts. Thank you!

Operation Underground Railroad
Operation Underground Railroad
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3 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. AWESOME!! Is there any way to Purchase one of those “O.U.R. Cycling Uniforms?” I’d LOVE to Sport O.U.R. on my Daily Rides!

  2. I am an near 86 year old recent widower so I am not up for bicycle rides but one thing that life has taught me. Virginity is a state of mind or if you will a state of grace, not the mere possession of a hymen. They can be lost in very active sports or horseback riding. In my book Miss Smart and all those other young women are innocents and will always be such.
    1 John 4:8
    Robert Blackshaw

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