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June 8th, 2017

Thailand Youth Camp Especially For Survivors

In the Thai language, D means good.

So, Love D Youth Camp means a camp of youth that love to be good.

O.U.R. Thailand employee, Jib, has been working on child rehabilitation for the past year at the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) in Thailand. She has been recently collaborating with O.U.R. to organize a camp during school holidays for the children at ATCC. The purpose of the camp is to motivate the children to learn music, attend counseling, use art therapy, participate in meditation, and many other brain stimulating activities.

This past April, 36 children were able to attend the Love D Youth Camp. The group included children ages 6-17, so they were divided into two groups separated by age.

“Keep harmony, discipline, and goodness,” was the slogan that these 36 children are taught to live by. It encourages them to engage in positive activities to improve self confidence and self-discipline. Love D Youth Camp also encourages brave and creative performance through artistic and musical activities.

Art and music seemed to be the most popular among all of the children. The older group had the opportunity to play music on drums, keyboards and guitars. They loved it so much that they wanted to form their own band!

The younger group enjoyed sharing stories about the pictures they drew.

In addition to these successful activities at Love D Youth Camp, the kids also enjoyed talking to the teachers. It was therapeutic for them to convey their feelings and provided a great opportunity for the ATCC to provide future counseling for the kids.

The younger group participating in daily meditation.

The teachers reported positive changes in the kids’ behaviors and commented on the positive social impact that this camp was making. Most importantly, the children wanted to come back to the camp in the future. These 36 bright children really made the most of the meaning of the camp: a camp of youth that love to be good.

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We are grateful for all that our team and partners do for the survivors in Thailand.

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