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March 28th, 2017

Texas Wants to Help Truckers Identify Human Trafficking

WACO, Texas (KWTX) There are over 300,000 people currently being trafficked in Texas, according to the Truckers Against Trafficking. Now, state lawmakers are looking at a bill that could help fight human trafficking.

Texas Senate Bill 128 would require drivers applying for commercial driver’s licenses to complete a training program about how to recognize the signs of human trafficking throughout their routes and stops.

“Traffickers like to brand their victims as property, so if they have a man’s name or a street name tattooed on them in various places or a dollar sign or a money bag, those could be things to look for,” Natalie Garnett, the Assistant National Coordinator at local anti-trafficking organization Unbound, said.

Since the beginning of Truckers Against Trafficking, over 1,500 calls have been made, leading to the rescue of 1,000 victims.

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  • Russell Ross

    I travel all states east of Mississippi. It disgust me to see humans held against there will by the traffickers. I would also suggest that Truck Stop employees be brought up to speed on identifying trafficked humans as well. They see a lot! Maybe a task force could reach out to companies that own there own trucks with help from company drivers. This needs to be a priority. We all have loved ones that could easily be targeted. R. Ross, Wilsonart Int., Company Driver

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