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April 23rd, 2018

Survivors Serve their Community with a Cook-Off

One of the aftercare homes that we work with recently asked if we could try something new. Instead of coming just to serve the girls living there, they suggested that we invite the girls to serve with us. Our aftercare service differs depending on the needs of each individual home and country, and this was a great opportunity to aid in the healing process of these wonderful survivors.

These particular girls were doing very well and the director of the home felt they were ready to start going out in public and serving others. They decided to have a cook-off and serve food to their community.

Despite the awful things they have been through, their lights shined bright that afternoon as they served the people in their community. They did so well and there were smiles all around. They were also able to enjoy a meal together after their cook-off.

O.U.R. supported this event by bringing manpower to help with the service, resources to help the girls purchase the food for the cook-off, and O.U.R. Board Member and Utah businessman Brett Bunker also performed a magic show during the actual event! It also allowed O.U.R. to continue to build a relationship with this home.

Service can be transformational in the healing process. The experience of serving others brought these girls together in a new way and impacted their lives in a new way that they hadn’t experienced before. Although healing is not an easy road, there are great moments of hope and happiness that leave the darkness and shadows behind.

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