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May 4th, 2017


It is no secret that several members of the Operation Underground Railroad team are spiritual in their own ways. Many of our operators pray together while out on a rescue operation, while others choose to meditate or worship in their own way. Some of our Aftercare homes also have a religious base and will often send us prayer requests depending on their needs at that time.

Because of that, we welcome your prayers, positive thoughts, or energy to strengthen our various efforts- from success in our rescue operations, to health and a better future for our teenage survivors and their babies.

We are creating a specific list for those who would like to join!

Let’s stand together with our operators, Aftercare homes and survivors in this battle to lift them up in prayer, thoughts and most of all in love.

By signing up for this list, we will inform you of prayer requests from our Operators or Aftercare specialists who are facing unique challenges.

Subscribe by texting “OURPRAYERS” to 51555, or enter your contact information below.

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  • Mary Lynn

    Hi, I clicked on the link but it went to info about texting for donations. I don’t want to text the number unless I know exactly what it will do. Thanks

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