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Live every Wednesday at 3:30 pm MDT on Facebook, Operation Underground Railroad’s Founder and CEO Tim Ballard will be presenting a special message to O.U.R. supporters around the world. The live event will also include operation updates, special stories from the field, aftercare efforts and much more.

The Rescue Report first launched just a few weeks ago with Ballard talking directly to parents and providing them with four ways to protect their children from sex predators. If you missed it, you can still catch a recording of it by going to Operation Underground Railroad’s Facebook page HERE. Ballard followed up the next day with answers to questions people wrote in during the live event. In addition to answering questions, Ballard shared ways in which he is able to get out of the dark place that he works in and fill his life with light.

O.U.R. is developing a number of ways to get its message out. The Rescue Report on Facebook Live is just one of many features. The ultimate goal is to involve everyone, as awareness generates interest, and interest results in new Abolitionist ($5/mo recurring donors) that make it possible to rescue and help more victims of sex trafficking.

The first Rescue Report generated over 40,000 viewers, which is huge, but it could be a lot more. With over 700 million subscribers to Facebook, O.U.R. is hoping to reach at least one million in the near future. Abolitionists can help O.U.R. by liking and sharing the Rescue Report on their personal Facebook pages, as well as other O.U.R. content.

Ballard says, “Good people don’t know about this plague because they aren’t searching for these kinds of things. It’s hard to get good people to fight a fight they don’t know about. We need to help people know about it.”

One way you can help is to like and share this message with as many people as possible. Awareness is the first key in stopping sex trafficking. Help people be aware; like and share!


  • Thomas Hoffman

    The family of Catherine Hoggle needs to have closure due to the fact that Catherine had interests in Islamic State and Muslim Brotherhoods over in Iraq and Syria in which Catherine sent her son, Jacob and daughter, Sarah to enroll in an Islamic State school and training center in Iraq. At the moment, Catherine is suicidal at the Clifton T. Perkins prison and that she needs help from doctors so she will be in a hospital instead of prison. The children could be forced to commit crimes against America and this is putting the family in danger. If the children argue or refuse, the extremists will cut up the children and feed them to the sharks or the animals in a barn or zoo, as we found out through our personal investigation in the manner with permission of the family over in Clarksburg, Maryland last week. Catherine’s lawyer, David Felson is sugarcoating the issue just to make it less serious but Catherine needs a lawyer who cares for her welfare and willing to help. Call us at 240-777-0200 for details. Thank you for your service!

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  • Richard Robinson

    Why do you not post the pictures of the pedophiles?

    I’ve been to Pattya many times in the seventies and eighties. It was wonderful and there was NO child sex being traded back then. I had great Thai friends but lost contact due to not being able to write in Thai. How sad. I’m supporting your efforts as much as I can. Thanks for the great work.

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