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December 4th, 2018

South America Continues Anti-Trafficking Work in Latest Operations

Here are the 3 latest rescue operations from our partners in South America.

Through digital forensic technology in the lab we support, our partners located and arrested 3 traffickers and rescued 6 survivors, many of which were lured via social media networks.

A perpetrator used a social media platform to contact minors all over the world. He gained the trust of 15 teenagers and demanded they send him pornographic images. If the victims didn’t cooperate, he threatened them with publishing previous images they sent him on the web. Our forensic lab in South America investigated and local law enforcement arrested the perpetrator.


A perpetrator over 50 years old sexually molested a teenager and two children. He filmed the offenses and bought the silence of these children with money, cell phones and tablets. Our forensic lab in South America investigated this case and arrested this trafficker. He is now behind bars.


A trafficker lured two teenagers in South America via social network platforms to have sex with different clients in a “massage room.” He promised payment of 100 dollars along with cell phones, access to an education, and money to give their parents. Thanks to thorough investigation from our forensic lab, this perpetrator has been arrested.


  • Jules

    I am so grateful for your dedication and talent. May you always be successful and may the good you deliver return to you multiplied many times over.

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  • Tara

    Praise be to God! Thank you for your hard work! May your purity and sowing continue to reap salvation for many people in many ways!

    Reply to Tara
  • Linda

    Thank you for your dedication to taking down these evil people and rescuing the innocent. I will continue to pray for your organization.

    Reply to Linda

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