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May 22nd, 2017

Slave Stealer Podcast 13: Recent Operations in Haiti and Thailand

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We have discussed that slavery has never really left the world. That’s the bad news. But here is something good… such great evil reveals great heroes. Everywhere in the world there are good people with freedom imprinted on their soul.

Tim Ballard, Mark Mabry, and Hugh Vail sit down and talk about the recent operations in Haiti and Thailand.
Tim explains that when Americans hear of the work O.U.R. does in other countries, they often think, “This is a problem for someone else.” However, Tim says, “Eventually that trafficked child’s pain will cross oceans will cross borders and it will land at your house.” Pornography filmed in other countries often makes it back here to the U.S.

The United States is the highest consuming nation of child pornography. Many Americans will travel to foreign countries and abuse these children. O.U.R. strives to catch these perpetrators in other countries so they stop bringing that evil back here. Tim has come across too many stories of people saying, “What, my dentist is involved in this? My doctor? My attorney?”

Supporting anti-trafficking efforts overseas really does help here in America.

At the end of the podcast, Tim invites in an undercover operator. Although this operator cannot reveal his identity, he explains his personal story of entering the fight against trafficking.

Join us in listening to Episode 13 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Recent Operations in Haiti and Thailand.”





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