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July 28th, 2017

Slave Stealer Podcast 17: Former Marine Interrogator now Journalist Jason Buttrill

In this episode of the Slave Stealer, Jason Buttrill discusses his experiences as an undercover operative with O.U.R. Buttrill is a former intelligence officer for the Department of Defense. He is now the lead writer for Glenn Beck’s program, Mercury Radio Arts.

Operation in Thailand

Mabry and Buttrill discuss the difficulty of going undercover as an American sex tourist in another country. In Thailand, Buttrilll had the opportunity to work alongside an experienced O.U.R. operative. As two tall, white men, these Buttrill and his partner had a hard time blending in. The first time they attempted to find children in the back of a brothel, they had to quickly get back to their car when things started turning against them.

Although the first operation that Buttrill participated in was not successful, he was able to try two more times in the same night in a different area. In the last area, his partner told Buttrill that he would have to sit next to the 12-year-old victim and talk to her.

Buttrill initially wanted to resist. He said that his O.U.R. partner looked at him dead straight in the eye and said, “You are not going to know what this is like, how evil this is unless you see how innocent she is.” Buttrill understood the situation, but it did not make it any easier. As he sat next to this girl, he found himself trying to plan ways to take out the trafficker’s bodyguards so that he could hurt the trafficker. Buttrill restrained himself, but why?

Join us in listening to Episode 17 of the Slave Stealer, “Former Marine Interrogator now Journalist Jason Buttrill.” Buttrill explains how he restrained himself and what the trafficker said as he grabbed Buttrill’s arm on the way out of the room. Follow this link.

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