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October 9th, 2017

Slave Stealer Podcast 20: Fernanda, Our Florence Nightingale

In this episode of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Fernanda, Our Florence Nightingale,” show host Glenn Beck narrates another story from O.U.R. This time, it is about a trafficking survivor named Camilla. He walks the audience through what it is like to be rescued from trafficking and start the difficult and hopeful process of healing.

Fortunately, Camilla does not have to do it alone. Fernanda, a 30-something old woman dedicated to helping trafficking survivors, is by Camilla’s side every step of the way in the aftercare home. Fernanda is her “Florence Nightingale,” helping her through her tears in the dark hours of the night.

With original arrangements of Civil Rights anthems and Slave Songs, this short episode is filled with light and hope as we learn of Camilla’s healing story and her determination to graduate high school.

Join us in listening to Episode 20 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Fernanda, Our Florence Nightingale.”

*Editor’s Note – This episode was recorded earlier this year. At the end of the episode, Glenn Beck mentions how many survivors have been rescued and traffickers arrested by O.U.R. The numbers today can be found on our website ourrescue.org*

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In Episode 12 of the Slave Stealer podcast, Tim Ballard, Mark Mabry, and Hugh Vail discuss the parallels between historical slavery and modern-day slavery. Follow this link to listen now!

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